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h3. Most common problem: File stops playing

This almost always means that the internet connection is trying to catch up! Movies files are big files, and it takes a few minutes to download the entire movie to your computer. If the movies “hangs” or stops anad starts, please click the pause button (“||”) and wait a minute or two, then resume playing.

h3. How to listen in your web browser

Just click on the main picture. You will see the player controls immediately below it, allowing you to pause and play at your will. This player requires the Flash plugin. Your web browser should have it already; if not, it will give you a message to go download the free software. Just follow the instructions – it should only take a minute or tow. Then remember to quit and restart your web browser to see the changes in effect.

h3. How to subscribe with iTunes

Many people find it easiest to subscribe using iTunes. You can download this free software and use it to manage not only this podcast, but many others as well as your CD music collection. Once you have the free iTunes software installed on your computer, you can subscribe in one click.

If you don’t have iTunes yet, first download the free software, for PC or Mac, at “”:
# “Click here”: or on the icon on the right column of any page, and in less than a minute, that will take you directly to the Beach Walks page in the iTunes Music Store. (Beach Walk video podcasts are free.)# Once iTunes has opened, click on “Subscribe.”
# Then click on “Settings” (in the lower right corner) to tell iTunes how many shows you want to keep and how you want to manage your Beach Walks video podcasts.

h3. Using RSS

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” Some email software will let you subscribe to RSS feeds right inside your email. You can also use RSS to save as a bookmark if you are using the “Firefox”: or Safari web browsers.

Additionally, there are many types of “podcatchers” that can manage your RSS feed for you. In most cases, you just right-click (or control-click on a Mac), choose “copy link” and then paste it into your RSS software.

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*How Do I Call the Conch Line?*
You have two choices.
# If you have a “Skype”: account, you can “click the button”:skype:roxannedarling?voicemail in the right column and leave me an audio message from your computer. (skype:roxannedarling)
# You can also use your phone to call the number, +1-949-544-1456 and leave your message.

*What is Skype?*
It’s internet telephone, plus an instant message service. You can talk or type for free to other people around the world, so long as each has a skype account. You can also purchase minutes for dialing in to a skype account from a regular phone or vice versa.

I pay for the Skypein service, so you can leave me voice mail for free if you have a free skype account. If you call, you pay only for the phone charge to the 949 area code (it’s in Southern California.)

Go here to get a free “Skype”: account. It’s in “beta” which means though available to the public, the software is still in development. I suppose I should put a “beta” mark on Beach Walks – we are definitely still in development!

*Why Does the Conch Line have a “949” area code?*
Because I am using a number assigned by Skype, and they don’t have any numbers in Hawaii. 🙁

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