Favorite Episodes

Well, we now have over 750 episodes! if you are new to the site, this can be daunting. We’ve listed some of our favorites below, and, on any page you can also wander the site like this:
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Now, for a few of our favorites!

Typical Episodes:
Beach Walk #496 – Yin Yang, Happy Cranky (Shane and Rox have differences; makes for conflict or balance?)
Beach Walk #494 – Bottled water myths (Bottled water is not cleaner and the plastic is taking over the ocean)
Beach Walk #523 – Multitask to a new brain (What if multi-taskers are creating new brain forms?)
Beach Walk #566 – 2008 Resolutions – Oops! (What to do when “life happens”)

Special Episodes on the Beach:
Beach Walk #150 – Walk with me and dream (Music video as Rox does sunrise yoga on the beach)
Beach Walk #369 – Wish we were there (6-person outrigger canoe journey to the Mokulua Islands)
Beach Walk #241 – A hui hou Evelyn (Beach funeral and burial at sea for a friend of Rox’s)
Beach Walk #98 – Kailua Beach cleanup (Music video and environment commentary as Rox collects trash)
Beach Walk #598 – Come Join With Me (Lexidogg swims and plays ball on the beach)
Beach Walk #572 – Happy and Three (Kaile’s third birthday – ah, to grow up in Hawaii!)

Special Episodes Under Water:
Beach Walk #463- One Minute Rant
Beach Walk #479 – Finding all that matters (An underwater SCUBA episode with dolphins too)

Special Episodes off the Beach:
Beach Walks 516R – This is Where It’s At
Beach Walk #435 – Memorial Day in the Pacific (Filmed at the Cemetery of the Pacific at sunset)

Hawaiian Music:
Beach Walk #532 – How to find good Hawaiian music (Interview and music with young, local musicians)
Beach Walk #204 – Nani Sings (Rox encounters one of her beach buddies who plays ukulele and sings)

Rox On The Road:
Beach Walk #116 – Shaina sings and talks Tarot (Rox gets a Tarot reading in Santa Fe, NM)
Beach Walk #219 – Rox travel tips (Change your airplane seat cushion)
Beach Walk #123 – Where do you get your energy? (Coffee talk in Detroit with retired senior auto executives)

Beach Walks Moments – Meditation Series:
Beach Walk #506 – Wear Only Your Soul (Water and Rox’s original poetry)
Beach Walk #567 – First Lumiere, for Rupert (a magical moment, unscripted, silent film in the tradition of film-making)

And I just remembered the one that went viral on YouTube!
Beach Walk #529 – Outdoor Circle Tree Blessing