Beach Walk 463 – One Minute Rant

Grrrr. I thought I was so organized today. But arrived at the beach without my newly charged battery. I was so frustrated. I managed to eke out a fun episode though.

I consider it an homage to my many friends who are willing and able to let their raves and rants all hang out. Here are a few of my faves: Rupert Howe, Clintus McGintus, and Steve and Zadi on Jet Set

Please join me for a stress-reducing one-minute rant! Underwater!

Hawaiian Word:
Nuku: rant

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Beach Walk Audio 9 – Breathing Brings Joy to Life

beachwalkaudio graphicBreathing techniques for stress reduction.

One of the main reasons I go to beach every day is to re-center myself, to wash away stress, to remember the things in life that I so easily forget. Like how to breathe when I am tense. Today’s episode is on one of my favorite techniques, a simple counting method that I find very easy and very quick.

Have you tried it? What other techniques do you like to practice? Share ’em with us please!

I’ll be joining the Health Hacks podcast, so please check that out if you are looking for discussions on health.

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Hawaiian words
Hanu: to breathe

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Beach Walk 427 – 80-20 Rule Revisited

We sacrificed some sound quality to bring you into the beautiful water with us. It went along well with the topic anyway, the Beach Walks version of the 80-20 rule! Look “deep” and you might get a glimpse of Secret Cameraman.

How flexible are you in balancing productivity with pleasure? How do you break the energy when you get in a funk?

Shout outs to CC Chapman and Chris Brogan who helped inspire this episode.

Hawaiian words
Makemakika: math
Hoʻonui: to enlarge, multiply

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Beach Walk 374R – Good Day Diving on the North Shore

We are taking a week (or two!) off of Beach Walks – this episode diving the North Shore is one of my favorites!

You can read the original show notes here.

Hawaiian words
Luʻu: dive

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Beach Walk 345 – Local Magic

We went snorkeling with the turtles today. There’s magic in your neighborhood too, I suspect.

I really like being in the water and it is always a thrill when I can bring you along with me, Lexi, and Secret Cameraman. Can you believe I lived in this town for two years before I discovered this place at the other end of the beach where there are virtually always honu?

What remains to be discovered within 5 miles of your home?

Hawaiian words
Luʻu: to dive, plunge in the water
Honu: turtle

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