Beach Walk 518R – Local Magic

A great show for Aloha Friday!

Underwater with the turtles at Kaimolino Point. Look for the three-legged turtle who is managing “just fine” as far as we can tell.

Hawaiian Word:
Luʻu: diving
Honu: turtle

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Beach Walk 515R – One Minute Rant

This is one of my favorite episodes! Join me to blow off some steam, under water.

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Beach Walk 498 – One Web Day 2007

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Beach Walk 479 – Finding All That Matters

My nephew Jordan came for a visit from California. We went SCUBA diving, saw dolphins, and found “all that matters” along the way.

One more reason why we locals say, “Lucky to live Hawaii!”

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Beach Walk 469 – Shark’s in Town

Wouldn’t you know it, I decide to take a few days off BW and go to the beach sans camera, only to discover all kind of activity.

A man had been bitten by a shark just around the point from where we usually swim and paddle. So I grabbed a little footage and have a belated report for you, with a somewhat timeless question. How does “group mind” affect you? Have you stopped to wonder how you would feel about sharks if there were no scary shark movies? Yes, they do sometimes eat humans. But ever so rarely.

Here’s the story about Harvey Miller in the local paper.
Here’s the BW episode about the hammerhead shark.

Hawaiian Word:
Manō: shark

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