Beach Walk 699 – Add Options

Bottom line: when you have more options there can be less stress. The flip side is that it takes more time, more consciousness, more energy to discover and create the options And having way too many options can create its own form of stress at the other end of the spectrum. But for now, for today, this episode is about how a parent can give a child a few choices enabling then to be true to their inner quirky self without having to be an ungracious rebel. My friend Stacey is a master and I love watching her parent little Kaile.

Hawaiian Word:
Koho: choice

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Beach Walk 697 – Negotiation Secrets

I’ve been putting on this large Free event, Podcamp + Wordcamp Hawaii and we have had many sponsorship opportunities. It’s been a great learning opportunity for me in noticing why some deals work better than others. Hint: understanding your true authority.

Hawaiian Word:
Kūkākūkā: negotiate (discuss, confer)

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If you purchase a Rama Warrior Meditation Chair, you receive a Free Zendi Portable Meditation Cushion.

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Beach Walk 695 – Paying for the Sins of Each Other

I got a bit distracted today but I was wanting to make a point about how we are interconnected – and that is from the “good news bad news” department.

Some things others do we are stuck cleaning up. It’s not right but is, is. I find the faster I can process my anger, the faster I can get to “OK now what can be done about it?” Living on an island there are all kinds of examples of where we overlap with each other and are subject to side effects of each other. Just as in the movie I saw last weekend, Flash of Genius. The Ford of today is a very different company, culture-wise, than 30 years ago, nonetheless the current management is responsible for running the show.

Here is the link to the original Coffee Club chat with retired auto executives and here is my live-streaming (rough) interview from a few weeks ago.

Here is the serenity prayer which continues to amaze me for its simplicity and accuracy.

Hawaiian Word:
Moku: island

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Beach Walk 686 – Does Experience Matter?

One of the big myths floating around is that a person’s position or title is comparable to their competence. Not always true! Like me, I am sure you can think of examples. Many choices in life really do boil down to personal preferences. “Who you know” really does matter, and that is not always a bad thing. This turned out to be relevant in a discussion I was having with several other women speakers. We are all going to be presenting at BlogWorldExpo next week, where there keynote speakers are all white male. It’s an old issue, but one that is not all that easy to address. It is a combination of micro and macro energies in play. We have ideals we want to play out in the macro yet change happens in the micro of person to person relationships.

The majority of the time decision-makers go with the known quantity. This is seen by some as pandering by others as smart business to fill seats. Attendees too say they want something new, but are attracted to the known and familiar too. BlogHer is a women’s blogging conference, and founder Elisa Camahort prides herself in pro-attractively seeking out new voices for each event. And BlogHer is growing and growing – proving that this too is a viable business model.

Are you more attracted to familiar big names or the chance to help discover new talent?

Hawaiian Word:
ʻike: experience, to see, know, feel

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Beach Walk 685 – In Support of Changemakers

One of the profound yet not often acknowledged (by me) benefits of living in community with other people is that some choose to be the ones who go forward into the unknown, and those adventures ultimately inform and inspire the rest of us. I often think of myself as one of those explorers. Sometimes though, I feel pressure to have to always be on the front line. Today’s episode honors those others who have shown me the way, especially my parents, Blanche and Bill.

Hawaiian Word:
Loli: change, transformation

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