Beach Walk 750 – USS Nimitz Steel Beach #7

Rox is back on the beach this week with a little “beachwalks philosophy” debriefing and looking back at the overnight embark on the USS Nimitz.

Shane has dropped in a few more clips that we also wanted to share with you. Over the past few decades, it appears the military has learned some things the rest of us are still catching up on. If you provide good training and you have reliable procedures and consequences, then just about anything is doable. The main point stressed to us was that the military exists primarily to prevent war, not win war. The appropriate show of force and the claiming of one’s authentic power, can deter the large majority of problems. In recent history, it seems to me more a problem with our civilian leaders than our military leaders in terms of making reasonable decisions. Without rehashing the tired arguments of the past (remember I was a student at Berkeley in the 70’s and an antiwar protester and still prefer peace over war), what have you learned from the Nimitz series?

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Hawaiian word:
Kāohi: prevent

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Beach Walk 743 – Raw or Rendered?

First things first: Lexi is back!
Programming is a funny thing. What you see at the end is not how things are at the beginning. There is that “processing” that takes place in the middle. Even if you “view source” of a web page and see the HTML code, there is a good chance that at least some of that started off very differently. If you just copy what you see on the surface, you will miss some of the underlying functional magic! Of course reverse engineering can be fun too – and very informative.

Hawaiian word:
Maka: raw, fresh

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Beach Walk 741 – Silence is Divine

I went on a 5-day silent intensive with Lola Jones a few weeks ago. For me it was pure heaven. I have in the past done 24 hours of silence on my birthday, and loved the clarity I experienced. To be able to ignore all others and go within myself for listening, for sharing, for counsel, was very powerful. There is a lot of noise, especially in my work on the social web (twitter, etc) And much as I love it, I was yearning to talk to the divine, to God directly. I can say that the moment we dropped into silence, having prepared for over 2 weeks, my mind came alive with conversation and insight, as if I were seeing my wise best friend after a very long absence.

Curiously enough, I still became quite close to the others on the retreat. We shared the energy of this experience – far more powerful than sharing words, which fail me so much of the time. There was more to this retreat that I will talk about later. For now, I offer up silence as a way to connect with your #1 – your large self, the divine you. And then you become such a gift to others.

Hawaiian word:
Hāmau: silence

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Beach Walk 740R – Memorial Day in the Pacific

We originally filmed this episode for Memorial Day in 2006. But it clearly stands out as a timeless message, and represents the true magic of Beach Walks. It is all completely unscripted, no shot list, we just showed up and worked as fast as we could before the sun set. Sometimes, you know the universe is on your side. Today’s show was filmed at the Hawaii Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. 50,000 leis were donated, and over 100 young Boy Scouts placed a lei and a flag on each gravestone. I was quite stirred to be in the presence of death while smelling the sweet scent of plumeria lei. Though most of those buried here are from modern wars, this “punchbowl” of an ancient volcano was the site of Hawaiian aliʻi burials and human sacrifice of those who violated the kapu or taboos.

Hawaiian words:
Puowaina: hill of sacrifice
Kaua: war
Kapu: taboo
Maluhia: peace

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Beach Walk 737 – Uber Shaman & His Pups

As I have said many times before, “you meet the coolest people on the beach in Hawaiʻi!” Today we met Chris SantaCroce, aka Uber Shaman. It was his birthday, and he was starting the day at the beach with his puppies. He is a renaissance man – doing a number of things with his talents, and in a beach walks kind of way, spreading cheer and consciousness and geekiness to those he meets! To him, I was “that lady who walks the beach?” Yes, whenever I can!

Hawaiian word:
Kahakai: beach

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