Beach Walk 778 – Up High

Secret Cameraman is learning how to fly a multicopter. Come take a sky high cliff walk with us!

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It’s not exactly the beach however I sure hope you enjoy this cliff walk on Maui’s north shore!

Music: the gorge by general fuzz

Hawaiian Word:
Lele: fly

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Beach Walk 778 Up High on Maui's North Shore

Beach Walk 759 – Flowing the Texas Rapids

I am in Austin, Texas for a program with Lola Jones and we went to Barton Creek for a lunch break. It was a perfect opportunity to remember the rocks in the river are part of the fun! I am sure you’ll get the metaphor.

Many of you viewers know I took a 5-day silent retreat with Lola Jones last year and that in addition to all the technology and social media training and consulting I do, I also give Divine Openings. I was here in Austin to gain some more experience and knew that you Beach Walks viewers would appreciate some flow analogies, some water footage, and of course a few pups! (We were joined by Honey and Sophie on the hike.)

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Hawaiian word:
Pōhaku: stone

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Beach Walk 545 – Get Out of The House

It has been raining for over 10 days and I had a bad case of house-itis.

So we hit the trail at Makapuʻu Point, and discovered one wet, muddy adventure. The water in the cove was nothing like it was when we visited this spot last year with our friends Chris and Lana!

Hawaiian Word:
Holo wāwae: running
Holo peki: jogging

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Beach Walk 352 – Hiking the Pali

You wanted more locations! Join us as we hike the Pali and discover beautiful water.

Chris, Lana, and Brent Dog took Lexi and me on another great hike: the Judd Trail in the Nu’uanu Pali area.

There were some really steep parts to the trail, and Lexi slipped a few times. It got my #2 (see show #102 for more info) worrying that she would fall off the edge. So I outed the fear by talking to Lana, and poof, it went away. I like taking these abstracts (“face your fears”) and putting them into action. Makes it real in my life.

If you like hiking and are coming to O’ahu, here’s the book we use: The Hikers Guide to O’ahu. This was hike #11 – Nu’uanu-Judd.

Hawaiian words
Makaʻu: fear
Pali: cliff

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Beach Walk 346 – Hiking Hidden Hawai’i

Take a walk in the woods of O’ahu today as we explore hidden trails and insights from Brent.

I usually default to the beach, all beach, nothing but the beach. But our friends Chris and Lana called and invited us on a hike up Aiea Ridge today. Curious timing, as it appears tourism travel to Hawai’i was down slightly last year, as people are wanting to see new places.

I wonder. How much have they wandered off the usual tourist trails? I am guilty of staying with the familiar myself. But today is a good opportunity to change that.

BrentDog – mahalo for the inspiration for today’s show!
Kimo Watanabe – mahalo for today’s music! (“Morning on Haleakala Highway”)
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If you like hiking and are coming to O’ahu and like to hike, here’s the book we use: The Hikers Guide to O’ahu. This was hike #16, Aiea Loop.

Hawaiian words
Mauna: mountain
Nalo: hidden
Hele wāwae: to walk, hike

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