Beach Walk 713 – Thinking Makes Us Hungry

Are you like me? Staying up late working on my computer tends to make me hungry. It seems like I am burning calories, and that warrants having a snack. Well, apparently the brain is tricking us a bit by creating a hunger connection without the usual caloric expenditure. So over time, the less you sleep and the more you are thinking the more likely you are to gaining weight! Guess it is time to use my brain to ignore what my brain is telling my tummy. This research was done at Laval University in Quebec.

Hawaiian Word:
Manaʻo Think

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Beach Walk 708 – Losing is for Losers

So I am catching up on Survivor again. It is quite dramatic how losing a challenge becomes so self-defeating, and in itself seems to trigger a cascade of downward performance. I have been wondering what comes first in this chicken or egg scenario – losing or the loser’s mentality? If you really want to play the game, then recognize that it is a game and winning or losing don’t matter. If you think of yourself as a competent gamer though, you build your psyche and that builds your body and your creativity and your connectivity. When we adopt the loser state of mind, the ability to compete collapses. Today’s title is a little strident – but it just seemed to fit.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻolilo: to lose

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Beach Walk 690 – Rama Warrior Meditation Chair

Beach Walks has a new advertiser, Zen by Design.

Today’s episode takes place seated on one of their lovely meditation chairs, which we took out to a rocky point on the edge of the bay. Most people know I am due for some quiet time, and this chair is supporting me in doing that. The company was gracious enough to send us a free chair to sample. And for you they have a special offer too. If you purchase a Rama Warrior Meditation Chair, you receive a Free Zendi Portable Meditation Cushion. Sounds like a perfect plan for you serious meditators who travel to and from various classes, or maybe you want to gift a friend with one and keep the other for yourself. I can envision these in a corner of an office – it’s like having a meditation room, in a very spare uncrowded sense.

I’d like to know what you think of this, and please do send in your photos (or post them in the Reef) if you end up making a purchase! It goes without saying for our eclectic Beach Walks audience that you can pray or work on your laptop as well as officially meditate in the chair! You get to decide how it works for you. Lexi was doing her own sitting meditation quietly today; I suspect she may want to try out the chair too!

Hawaiian Word:
Noho mālie: sit quietly

Beach Walk 690 Rama Mediation Chair

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Beach Walk 688 – Things We Don’t Understand

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This past year the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has been very active. Periodically we have “vog” – a combination of volcanic ash and fog. The skies are gray, and the air quality is “suspect.” I recently read a -state- federal health official stating: “We really don’t know what the health effects might be”: I really admired Rich Nickle for speaking the truth in that way. We are all so smart these days, and quick to blame or feel entitled, when really, there is far more unknown than known. And after today’s stock market experience, it seems as relevant as ever to “cultivate comfort with uncertainty” while paying attention to your own specific requirements. Some people (children and the elderly in particular) tend to be more sensitive to the vog. Your mileage may vary. The truly brave can check out this very vintage “Beach Walk #66”:

Hawaiian Word:
Maopopo: _understand_

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Beach Walk 687 – Looks Terrible But…

We saw my friend Paul on the beach today – he was smartly walking instead of swimming due to the bloom of Portuguese Man-o-war (tiny jellyfish) in the bay (there’s a picture of one inside this episode). Me? I swim regardless, and curiously enough was planning to talk about how “bad” my arm looks from a sting a few days before. I wanted to show it to you so you could employ mind over matter to unplug the automatic responses we have to wounds and ugliness. Talking about change is one thing, but actually having opportunities to make change in our neurons is another. Not to worry; it will be all gone in a few days. Let that weigh in as you look at my spotted arm.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻōiwi: appearance, physique

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