Beach Walk 555 – Lexi’s Limo Buys Carbon Offsets

By a curious coincidence, Santa came a day early, and the very day after Shane and I watched, Who Killed the Electric Car on DVD last night!

Lexi now has her very own limo, and I no longer have to decide between driving around town to do errands (with Lexi’s fine company) or using my bicycle and dealing with Lexi’s major moping mood at being left at home.

Plus! We will be offsetting about 6 lbs of carbon offset for each little trip to the beach! This definitely feels good, and so do those calories I am going to be burning in my neglected thighs, which hopefully won’t be producing too much CO2 either. 🙂 And in case you are worrying about the calories required to fuel these bike rides, both Lexi and I stay away from McDonald’s as a matter of habit.

Hawaiian Word:
Mele kalikimaka: Merry Christmas

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Beach Walk 542 – Empty Mind

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Beach Walk 529 – Outdoor Circle Tree Blessing

The Outdoor Circle is a nonprofit organization here in Hawaii that strives to keep things “Clean, Green, and Beautiful.”

They have several chapters throughout the state, and my local chapter, Lani-Kailua, held an oli or blessing ceremony at the planting of some new trees along a major meridian. Today’s episode is a chance to experience our local culture at its best! Haunani Kauka and ʻIlima Stern, of Aloha Blessings, performed the ceremony beautifully.

Mahalo to the city/county/state officials (including Mayor Mufi Hanneman, Councilwoman Barbara Marshall, Lester Change of Parks & Rec, and Stan Oka, Urban Forestry) and the Outdoor Circle for working together on this project.

The Outdoor Circle
Aloha Blessings
Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle

Hawaiian Word:
Oli: blessing

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Beach Walk 524 – Flooding in Hawaii

Rain, rain, for a couple of days now, and it is still going strong as I type this. (As is the thunder and lightning. Winter, in one fell swoop!)

I love the sound of rain, we can use the water yet the sewer line overflowed so the beach is closed for swimming. We’ve got pics of how they move the sand around to try to prevent more flooding, and also how the beach is disappearing. Is it global warming? The water is definitely higher at Kailua Beach Park; I measure it by the boat ramp which presumably is not sinking.

Hawaiian Word:
Ua: rain

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Beach Walk 512 – The Mango Mess

I was sweeping the ever dropping mango leaves and bird poop on the lanai the other day, and feeling a bit cranky about it. Then I recalled that it is something I can’t change at the moment, at least not without cutting down the tree.

I love this big old tree – it’s energy is amazing and sitting in the corner of three converging houses, it does an amazing job of maintaining the space. When garden-variety complaining is not moving you back to understanding, try a One Minute Rant.

Mahalo to Justin who did a wonderful job editing in the pictures of the tree, taken over the past few years.

Hawaiian Word:
Manakō: mango

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