Beach Walk 211 – Go deeper to see clearly

Philip called from LA talking about blondes, bikinis, and bimbo-factors.

Let’s face it, this show is not your typical bikini beach show. Yes, there are beaches and bikinis, but our discussions together really encompass so much more.

The “wardrobe” really is just a glimpse into my life. I don’t do the show so I can wear a bathing suit. I do the show because I like sharing a little bit of my world with you. The show occurs when it’s convenient and efficient for me, and that usually means when Lexi and I go for our daily beach walk and swim.

That said, I am aware of the usual bikini/blonde/bimbo associations and I intentionally am trying to break that energy. It’s one small step away from stereotyping. It’s all about the energy for me, being curious instead of critical, seeking freedom not judgment.

You play a role as well, being able to see past the superficial and into something else that apparently holds your interest. 🙂 I guess that means together we are eliminating a few prejudices and I like that.

Hawaiian words
Poʻo keʻokeʻo: platinum blonde
Ikehu: energy

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Beach Walk 186 – Mellow Monday

Remember, my Sunday-filmed show is our Monday, so let’s start off the week mellow instead of melodrama!

h3. About Today’s Show

I always thought it made perfect sense that more heart attacks occur on Monday mornings than any other time of the week. If I were to have goals for beach walks, one would be to reduce stress in the world. It’s so easy to get caught up in the details and let them drag us down. Of course, the details are where the juice is, so I’m not suggesting they don’t have relevance. It’s just the meaning we attach to them that affects how they affect us. Circular reasoning at its best!

Anyway, the water was like mercury, the air was still, I came across some of the outrigger canoe paddlers from show #183, Lexi is in top form and Secret Cameraman is home from 3 weeks on the mainland! Plus we have a lovely call from Connecticut on the conch line. (Mahalo!) We hope you enjoy the show.

Hawaiian words
Pōʻakahi: Monday
Pala: mellow

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Beach Walk 179 – Honolulu Pearls Part 2

Here’s the second part of the Honolulu Pearls interview with the military wahine paddlers.

h3. About Today’s Show

Steve from Texas called in on the conch line wanting to know what it is that makes some people act young, while others seem to age quickly. The women have several responses! In my book, it’s definitely a mind and body deal: thinking positive helps and staying active seems to also. To paraphrase Bernie Siegel, “Pessimists may have a more accurate view of reality but optimists live longer and have more fun.”

To add the Beach Walks twist, to me it doesn’t matter if you are a 20-year old in a 50-year old body or vice versa. We tend to think the former is “better” but really, it’s just one of those personal preferences we have. Each person really does have the freedom to beat themselves to a pulp (as we fitness fanatics tend to do!) or enjoy a life a leisure on the couch, or anything in between. 🙂 Many deep dark brooding souls have created masterpieces, and it’s hard to predict how each day will turn out. For me, the main point is having the freedom to choose.

Hawaiian words
ʻohana: family

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Beach Walk 163 – Imagination Takes Muscle

A call from Steve inspired more talk on what it means to set aside historical grudges.

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About Today’s Show

It was raining on the beach after my paddle so we filmed in the trees next to the beach. Steve Gandy called the conch line from Texas and shared his comments about the movie Crash, reminding of the John Lennon song, “Imagine” and wondering how much longer people in the Middle East can carry on their centuries of hatred. I read yesterday that General Peter Pace said, until they love their children more than they hate their neighbor. I thought this was rather direct, profound commentary. In getting to know several people in the military living here in Hawaii, I have learned that their basic goal is to solve problems. This requires a rather detached ability to observe a situation, and assess it into component parts. At its core, this message to me is right on. No matter how compelling the feeling of hatred is, love can trigger a change in course.

It is so easy to make sweeping statements, to think we know so well what others should do. But rather difficult ourselves to apply the same beliefs in our petty disagreements with others; to have past grievances show up repeatedly in our relationships when something “goes wrong.” Like me you’ve probably heard (or said) those sayings like “you always act this way when!” or “no matter what I do you always…” Some days it feels that way, but each of us can choose not to let the past continuously pile on and influence the present negatively.

So maybe for this weekend, we can choose to rush toward dropping grudges. To simply choose, one at a time, to not let them have emotional power over us. To put out the flames on our personal battlegrounds and chose not to let this stuff take on monumental proportions. To speak up sooner for what we want rather than building a grudge for later. Being able to truly “drop it” is one of my most treasured skills, and one that requires frequent tune-ups.

Hawaiian words
Kuhi: imagine
Keiki: children

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Beach Walk 152 – Soul Rules

Here’s a structure for sorting out the spiritual, psychological, emotional and physicals aspects of yourself.

About Today’s Show

Despite my attempt to take the charge off of Monday energy, I awoke last night and had trouble falling back asleep. At times like that, I like to use other aspects of my awareness to break the energy of the #2 who likes to stir the anxiety pot anytime night or day. In this case, I got up and did some reading, to take my mind off the worries and into something altogether different. It helped; I fell back asleep. 🙂

Here is the concept in terms of managing your power.
Soul rules the mind. Mind rules the heart. Heart rules the body. Soul rules. When I am out of sorts with one aspect of me, I engage something else to shift or move the energy. If I am at work, and feel the impulse to release a bunch of negative frustration, I may use my mind to tell myself: not a good time or place. Put this on hold and then have a good cry or stomp when I get home. Getting that stuff to move through me brings me back to ease and awareness. Learning to manage the how and when, builds my muscle against the #2 who is only about now or never, now and forever.

Hawaiian words
ʻUhane: soul
Manaʻo: mind
Puʻuwai: heart
Kino: body

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