Beach Walk 753 – Raw or Rendered

Programming code is just like cooking – sometimes you can guess the right mix and make a copy of something, but other times you need to know the original ingredients. Knowing when and how to tell the difference?

Usually you only learn that on the back side, after you give it a try. I am not a big fan of the “fake it til you make it” school. I prefer authenticity and simple truths. Having said that, I also believe we are each free to try anything we want. If you are selling yourself as something you are not though, seller and buyer be aware.

Hawaiian word:
Maka: raw, fresh

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Beach Walk 738 – Version Control

A few weeks ago I talked about updating the database. And there is a tricky second aspect of that. If you are updating an old version of the database, then you miss out on stuff! This happens, sadly, all the time when more than one person has access to a master database. They work “locally, make a bunch of changes, and everything looks cool. But if they don’t connect and send their updates to the main source, then everyone else who uses it is missing something. Or sometimes the db gets moved, and you didn’t know, so you are syncing with an old version.

Each of us is also an author of the master database – in addition to noticing others’ changes we get to add our own! Voila – we end up with being able to “create our own reality.”

Hawaiian word:
Mana: version, as of a tale, branch, spread out

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Beach Walk 731 – Juggle!

One of the things that is becoming well understood these days is how no one knows everything and how we can really benefit from providing energetic support to each other. One way this plays out, is in how the Beach Walks philosophy has contributed to a new book by Ian Sanders, Juggle! Rethink work, reclaim your life. Now, I have the luxury of seeing some of the ideas I’ve pondered put onto the page, co-mingled with several great minds! And the opportunity is to continue reflecting and putting more of it into practice – taking ideas into action.

In this episode I talk about Chapter 7 – Get Unplugged. Taking time off from the treadmill of life’s ingrained habits and automatic assumptions is a powerful juggler’s tip. I am learning from Ian who has transformed his own life. I am hoping my walk catches up with my talk this year.

Hawaiian word:
Juggle: hoʻoleilei

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Beach Walk 727R – Freedom & Happiness

This episode was originally aired February 2, 2007.

Freedom and happiness really influence my views on life and what I choose to let go of in order to have the freedom and the happiness.

This whole thread this week actually started with someone in my yoga class complaining about dirty hand prints on the mirrors…and off my mind went to energy discrepancies, to rules that can’t be followed, to how powerful negotiation is and we can’t have negotiation if we stay stuck in a world of black and white, constructed somewhere in the past.

Hawaiian words
Kūʻokoʻa: freedom
Hauʻoli: happiness

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Beach Walk 716 – Volunteering to Vocation

More and more brave souls are leaving their “known worlds” for life as an adventure, the kind without a job for a safety net. Decades ago the book appeared, Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow that really knocked loose some hard-formed notions. Still, only one generation has grown up with that message, so it has barely made a dent in our global consciousness. Some people are using volunteering as a step in that direction. Such is the story of my friend BJ Wishinsky who is now at Anita Borg Institute and also Joe Philipson the photographer who is helping to define a whole new sector: social media photographer.

I’d also to thank the many volunteers who helped on Podcamp Hawaii. Judi Clark was both the WordCamp wrangler and the one who helped me track and acknowledge the many volunteers on that event. Kyle Nishioka was the tech and venue manage and did a wonderful job working with our many vendors. Shane Robinson aka Secret Cameraman built the website and set up all of the live streaming, plus created a very cool desktop application that allowed attendees to fill out evaluations on the spot while watching the live stream or following the Twitter stream!

Update: Twitter friend @carakitty also got a job at a Vet office after volunteering at the animal shelter.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻAʻa; volunteer

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