Beach Walk 44 – Go for Broke!

It’s Day 3 of

Today’s show? I am noticing that my confidence is growing the more I share with you.

About Today’s Show:

I am very tired! Minimal show notes tonight. Mahalo to David Goodchild for calling the conch line and leaving a chant for us. Please visit him at David provided the notes below to explain his chant:

nam is a word of invocation, derived phonetically from Sanskrit. It is a two-way conversation – when chanting, we return to the unchanging eternal truth and then use that power in our daily lives.

means mystic law. It signifies that the eternal unchanging truth and all phenomena are one. It also signifies life and death, seen and unseen, manifest and latent. These aspects of life are the two phases of the universal law.

means lotus flower, and refers to the simultaneity of cause and effect.

means sutra, or teaching, and also sound. A Buddha’s enlightenment is expressed through the voice – through chanting we become enlightened to this truth.

Matt informed me that the opening sequence to the Gilligan’s Island TV show was filmed right at the channel leading out from Ala Wai Yacht harbor, seen in today’s show. Read all about Gilligan’s Island.

Mahalo nui loa to guest director, Matt Olson.

Hawaiian words
Nalu: surf
Pā ʻana a ka lā: sunshine

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Beach Walk 42 – Vlogging Dangerously, Day 1

We are participating in Video Blogging Week 2006.

About Today’s Show:

We’ve been happily producing video shows 7 days a week for almost 7 weeks now (who cares really, I just like the sound of that math) however what’s cool is the theme: The Week of Vlogging Dangerously. The first dangerous thing I thought of was to go swimming, but I think I’ll take a pass on that. (E. coli counts have been 1000 times above healthy… eew, yucky, gross.)

Much of my life I have been what the pop psychologists call a “fear-based person.” Sooo, this week should produce huge gains in mental health for me so long as I really push it! Feel free to toss me some ideas. No promises but keep in mind, a scared-y-cat person like myself has a hard time even thinking of dangerous things. The #2 just doesn’t want to go there! Get some basics on what I refer to as the #1 and the #2, the different aspects of ourselves sometimes thought of as the adult and the inner child. My spin is quite differently actually, but that will unfold on many shows.

mahalo nui loa to guest (and secret) director, Lana. Please visit Lexi’s guest Brent at or his owner Chris’s great site, PetFlight.

Hawaiian words
Makaʻu loa: very afraid, dangerous

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Beach Walk 41 – Up Close & Personal

Confined to my car today by the unrelenting rain, I got a little long winded talking about one of my favorite things – how the internet is bringing us together, helping us be more conscious and discover our unique, subjective realities.

About Today’s Show:

I felt rather vulnerable shooting this show today, as I was inside the car with camera mounted on the dash. (Take note those of you who suffer from claustrophobia!) But that’s the deal here, keep it real. I talked more about “no ka oi” and how it’s energy of “da best” is so different from the usual absolute, use of the word, “best.” In my eyes, you are most definitely no ka oi!

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Adam Curry
Podcast Alley

Hawaiian words
No ka oi: the best!

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Beach Walk 7 – Wind & Web 2.0

E komo mai and welcome to show number 7 of Beach Walks with Rox.

Find out how the conch line works, see the 25+ mile per hour winds, and let’s start talking about how the internet continues to turn business upside down. We’re now on VlogMap see the link in the blogroll on the right, or view my comment on yesterday’s show.

Lexi and I would love to hear from you (or your dog), so call the Conch line! (via skype:roxannedarling or call 1-949-544-1456.) We’ll add your audio comment to the show.

About Today’s Show:

Wow! I received two calls on the conch line today. Mind you, I don’t mind talking into the camera, (some have said I am a legend in my own mind) but it’s a wonderful feeling to hear from you! Mahalos to Steve, Jersey, and to Vernon over at 808Talk for mentioning Beach Walks on his show earlier this week. Vernon really has the local Oahu scene covered folks. He’s currently helping to promote the Lokahi ONE initiative, whereby U2 fans will be raising -money and- awareness to eliminate poverty. (Reporting error fixed!)

Business is on my mind these days. Part of Beach Walks is to play with Web 2.0 tools and demonstrate what can happen with relatively little effort, just by tapping in. Yes we have day jobs (our own company) so this is really a test case and a demo site in addition to a personal desire of mine. We’ll have to see where all it goes, so stay tuned whether you like the content or want to observe the process.

Hawaiian words
lokahi: unity, harmony
hana: business
kuleana: privilege, responsibility
makani: wind

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