Beach Walk 767- Be Happy with Just One Thing

Is it crazy to go to the beach on Saturday morning and start thinking about all that I did not get finished that week? Maybe not, as I came up with a new strategy to help me manage the incredible creeping to do list that continues to grow like some out of control virus. Watch the video then keep reading!

You know we keep reading about the data showing we are creating new information at an extraordinary speed – a speed at which we as individuals cannot really understand much less manage. Yet we go about our days as if life were the same as it was a decade or two ago. Our habits and our processes have not updated. We still cling to beliefs of how things must be done – because we’ve always done them that way or because we used to take comfort in doing them that way.

But now, things are reversed and we have far more freedom than we have time. Freedom to create like never before, to connect across the globe and even into space, to construct both systems and structures that are freakishly awesome. So stop bemoaning the lack of time and embrace the abundance of freedom.

I recently went to TedxMaui – a beautifully produced event. Yet I left after lunch – as I was literally full of the shared message to follow your dreams, be yourself, strike out and claim your life. Imagine if we measured inspirational events by how quickly the audience dissipated, because they “got it” and were off doing it? I just love having these wacky thoughts!

Last week I had a Divine Openings session, that had been scheduled a few days earlier. By the time we spoke, my client said, “You know, things started shifting after I made the appointment. I realized [this and that] and actually, I get it! I don’t really have that much to sort out now. Yes, it can be this easy.

Have a great week! Love, Rox

Beach Walk 301 – Room for Everyone

Philip called in to talk about old media honing in on the space created by new media. I try to gather a few thoughts while chasing after two dogs and seeing friends with puppies!

First! Mahalo nui loa for all of the comments, private emails, and calls regarding our 300th show! You all are the best!! And I will be responding over the weekend.

As for old media and new media. Yes, they are moving into the videoblog/podcast space with vigor. But I think there is room for all of us, and you get to vote with your time and attention.

It’s very much like the #2 to frame these kinds of situations as “either/or” “them or us.” I am betting on them and us!

We’re caring for BrentDog for a week. Isn’t that a great shot of him? We’re keeping him up late and feeding him treats; we’re gonna be in the doghouse when his parents come home!

Hawaiian words
Nā kānaka apau loa: all the people

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Scoble leaves Microsoft video interview

Beach Walks gets a scoop. Looks like the beaches of California are at least a tiny part of the lure that is bringing Robert Scoble to PodTech. Watch our video interview from yesterday to see the writing in the sand.

Best of fun in your new position Robert!

Beach Walk 110 – Light Shines on Scoble

Popular blogger and Microsoft tech evangelist Robert Scoble tells us his favorite beach and what he likes about the edge.

h3. About Today’s Show

Beach Walks continues its road tour in San Francisco at the Vloggercon conference. Today I have a chat with Robert Scoble, author of Naked Conversations. If you’re a techie, he needs no introduction. For the rest of you, he is a very well-known blogger and tech evangelist within Microsoft. He’s taken up vlogging, and loves how it creates an opportunity to shine a light on issues and people that otherwise might fall by the wayside.

I asked him about one of my beach metaphors, that place where the known world and the unknown world meet. He has a long history of being at the front of major changes, starting with interactions with Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple Computer. This interview with Scoble demonstrates how easy it is to get know someone via video blogging. A written blog is so easily misinterpreted, as words pack so many and varied innuendos. But wow, a live, on camera, unedited discussion–now that’s real!

Update: In case you couldn’t tell by the title or the hint in the show followed by my, “Do you want us to cut that out?” this was recorded the day before Robert’s official announcement to leave Microsoft. Respect for privacy comes before journalism here at Beach Walks. 🙂

Hawaiian words
Ao: light, illumination

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Problem with Show #93: Fixed!

Aloha Everyone. Seems to be a problem with Show #93. About 10 seconds in it stops playing and crashes the browser. We’re exporting another version and will have it online ASAP.

Thanks for all those that alerted us to this problem. 1 problem show out of 93…we’re happy with those stats! 🙂

Update: We reprocessed the show and it is working now. Apparently the previous version got corrupted somewhere on the way to the Internet.