Beach Walk 570 – One Kind Word

Winter hibernation today as Lexi is nursing a slightly over-used front left shoulder. Beautiful music by Liquid Mind.

Relax: A Liquid Mind ExperienceLiquid Mind
“Teach Me to Whisper” (mp3)
from “Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience”

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Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻoilo: winter

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Beach Walk 567 – First Lumiere, for Rupert

I learned about lumiere style from my friend in London, Rupert Howe. (Though Andreas in Denmark probably gets credit for nudging our group of videobloggers in this direction.)

I’ve been wanting to make one, and then this week at the beach as it was nearing sunset, I just grabbed out little Sanyo Xacti waterproof movie camera, and grabbed a clip of Shane and Lexi. Amazing IMO. Unscripted, and unplanned, but notice how psychic and scene-stealing our little pup is! I am also submitting it to the Semanal group, folks who are making one video a week for 2008. You can still join us anytime!

UPDATE: I have been informed of a central site on the web that has over 500 Lumiere’s collected since 2007. It is a rich archive and if you like this art form, please go and explore. This has been organized and nurtured by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen and Brittany Shoot who are pioneers in the videoblogging community. You can see Brittany on Beach Walks in Episode 185.

Hawaiian Word:
Hāmau: silent

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Beach Walk 556 – Golden Silence in Florida

Turns out I felt a little self-conscious on the crowded beach in Florida and with the sun in my eyes, could not see the little camera screen either, so this is a no-talkie episode.

I was thinking about that saying, “Silence is golden” anyway, and will just keep it for another day. I recorded a voice over, but the energy just felt funky; I hope you enjoy the waves, a sight and sound that so far I have not tired of.

Hawaiian Word:
Hāmau: silence

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Beach Walk 550 – Drops Among Us

By popular request! More ocean footage, a few quiet minutes to start our weeks.

This is from Sandy Beach. I found the ee cummings quote at Serenity Beach and you can read more about Kabir too.

Hawaiian Word:
Kulu wai: drop of water

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Beach Walk 546 – Lost at Sea

We actually filmed another episode on this beautiful (if slightly melancholy) day at Makapuu Point, but alas, we accidentally taped over it!

We did retrieve this footage of the sea though, and I can only wonder, what is hidden in these waves?

Hawaiian Word:
Nalu: wave

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