Gear and Software We Use

We get a lot of comments about the gear we use and how we make the show.

Here are links to the two episodes showing all of our gear:
“Show 144”:
“Show 145”:

As for production, we use “WordPress”: for the site, and “iMovie”: for the show editing.

We also use some plug-ins that vary from time to time. Right now they include PodPress”: which allows us to post multiple versions of the show (to create enclosures) without screwing up the RSS feed for subscribers.

We also use iMovie plug-ins from “GeeThree”: to create the overlays on the screen for show credits and our skype information.

We have “Akismet”: installed to catch comment spam; it does a great job!

We release our daily show in four versions:
* Quicktime movie (480 x 360)
* iPod version for iTunes and iPods (640×480)
* Windows Media for the web (480×360)
* Windows Media for “Akimbo”: (640×480) which delivers internet content to your TV