Saying Good Bye to Lexi Dogg, Sort Of

photo of Lexi Dogg on the beach in Lanikai, 2000 - 2014
The internet famous Lexi Dogg died. We are celebrating her life. Please share your stories – we’d love to know about them.

Lexi was a celebrity dog of the internet era, making her debut in 2006 as the star of Beach Walks with Rox. Within the first year, she had fans from around the world who would send her birthday cards and gifts, who left comments for her, and who found her on the beaches of Hawaii to take her picture. Aside from the nearly 780 episodes, she is a fixture in countless home movies and pics taken by travelers to Hawaii!

Most people will say that even though they never met her face to face (and oh what a face!) they feel as if they knew her. Her energy was so powerful, so loving, that it translated across millions of screens. A corporate lawyer in Detroit would write and say, she’d watch Lexi videos on Beach Walks when things got too hectic. A crisis management expert in DC reported the same thing, as did a NASA scientist at the Cape Kennedy Space Center. There was a little toddler in the UK who wouldn’t eat her porridge until Mum and Dad brought up Beach Walks on the computer so she could see Lexi. And an award-winning automotive designer in Germany who adopted Lexi as a pet friend across the miles.

Others have gone through their cancer treatments, walked through intense bouts of depression, and planned their first as well as their 10th (or more) Hawaii vacations, all drawn by Lexi’s energy. None loved her more than my Mom, Blanche, who carried around our postcards and literally everywhere she went, would open her purse, then start the conversation with, “My daughter has a blog – look at her dog Lexi.”

Yes, Lexi was special. Not because of any tricks she did but because of the quality of her love.

She died early Thursday morning, May 15, 2014, just after midnight, being held by Shane (Secret Cameraman) and me. She had lung cancer, we just learned. There was little left of her lungs, and still, went on her regular walk yesterday morning, in the rain.

We’ll be making a tribute video. If you would like to contribute to it, please join our BeachWalks email list as that’s where we will be sending the instructions. Our lives have been so enriched by *your* love of Lexi and we love and thank you back with all all hearts.

Love, Rox and Shane

P.S. In true celebrity fashion, we’re posting a pic of Lexi from her gorgeous younger years, fresh out of the water! Please email us a pic of yours with a story too and enjoy a few of our many favorite Lexi pics!

Also, you can click on the Doggy Category to see more of our dog videos.

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  1. Good bye, Lexi. Keep an eye on Roxanne as the gets accustomed to your physical
    absence. Enjoy your rest.
    I lost my Lab/Chow mix two years ago and his gentle brown eyes remain in my heart.
    Give my Marley a dog hug for me.

  2. Aloha Kathy – Yes, the “losing a pet” experience is a profound one. So many people have shared with us and that is a comfort. I definitely feel Lexi keeping an eye and an ear and a heart on me!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Gail Elverd says

    I Used to watch your web casts, but then moved house in 2008 and new house was out in the desert so the internet speed no longer available. I am sure you both will miss the physicality of Lexi now she has become formless, I am equally sure her essence will stay with you forever. I also have a black Labrador, Willy Wonka, who enjoy walking with me and meditating on top of a sand dune. We both send you peace & Blessings.

  4. Such sad news, Rox and Shane! As a lover of my faithful 12 1/2 year old labbie companion, Maggie, watching Lexi and Rox play in the Hawaiian waters has long been one of my favorite ways to relax. The profound love of a dog is a pure and magical thing. May your warm memories of sharing your life with Lexi be of comfort to you as you heal. Seeing Lexi on my screen has never failed to make me smile.

    • Shannon –

      “The profound love of a dog is a pure and magical thing.” That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the beach with us and all the good vibes too.

  5. Aloha
    They become full members of the family, my dog Prince and I lived on Maui, he went to sky at age 14 a Samoan Husky mix, I talked more to him then any human, we understood each other…
    His loss equaled the same as losing any member of the family…
    I now feed and water up to 100 stray dogs daily, sometimes I see Prince in a few of them…
    We lived Lahaina but were always in Hana…
    If there is another place I hope Prince and Lexi run into each other, I’m quite sure they would have a bunch of Maui to share…
    Wishing you and yours good health, happiness and inner-peace…
    With Aloha
    Gerry aka KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

    • Aloha Gerry,

      I know! I am sure Lexi understood me as well or better than anyone else too! Sending shakas out to you and Prince, hope you are still loving Thailand.

  6. So sad for your/our loss. Enduring chemo treatments for a good year in 2006, I was uplifted watching Lexi running and fetching along the beach. Hard to believe she reached her golden years. What a great life she had!

    • So good to hear from you Dorothy. It has taken me a while to get back and respond to people; I’ve learned that grief is a private experience for me – hence I’ve been withdrawn.

      Thanks so much for reconnecting with us. Hope you are doing wonder-full!

  7. Bob Schroeder says

    Eight years ago Sue and I were contemplating our first trip to Hawaii…not knowing anything I found your Beach Walks site…watching you and Lexi and occasionally the secret cameraman on a daily basis solidified our decision…being a dog lover and owner we couldn’t wait till the new episode was ready…and never did a smile not cross our face when we watched Lexi…we have gone seven straight years back to Waikiki and were fortunate enough to spend time with the real star of the show ( no offense )and will miss her…but take solace in the fact that she brought comfort and cheer to thousands,lived an extraordinary life and was the luckiest dog in the world.

    • Bob – You are correct – Lexi WAS the real star of the show! Your story is one of so many – identical in many ways – about the *energy* that we have here in Hawaii that can be so perfectly communicated through podcasts and meeting “real” people and “real” dogs!

      What I love that you also mentioned – how lucky she was AND how lucky we are – I hope to keep that appreciation vibe alive and well.

  8. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Rox and Shane, My deepest condolences to you on the loss of this beloved family member. What a glorious, rich and full life your Lexi had, following you from New Mexico to paradise on Oahu and then Maui! The depth of pain in loss only reflects the depth of love you had for her. Sending love and hugs across the waves to you <3

    • Susan! So good to hear from you. (I had emailed about a month ago..)

      You are so right about the luxury of Lexi. Let us know how your Lexie is!

  9. Just watched the episode with you and Lexi playing fetch again. I watch it often because it
    brings me back to Hawaii and my time there. Rox, I hope you are well and coping with the loss
    of your beloved pal. Please keep your show going, it is so spiritual and calming. Just two things
    this world of ours is sadly lacking. xxoo Terry

    • That episode of fetching – I am so glad I did that on the fly, just using my phone. It was not planned as an “official” beachwalks episode. :-)

      Thanks for your comments. “Spiritual and calming” – I really like that. And I especially love hearing how it lands in other people’s worlds.

  10. Beautiful dog, we have five of our own. One dog died in January 2014 and it took my wife a whole week to replace her baby with another. The puppy is half Rottweiler and half Tosa. Funny thing is she looks like a labrador! She is mostly black with a little white patch on her chest. And she loves the water.