Beach Walk 776 – Meditation on Fetching

Starring the amazing Lexi Dogg! Nuff said. Shot on the iPhone, For You, from Maui.

Hawaiian Word:
Kiʻi: fetch

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Beach Walk 776 - Meditation on Fetching with Lexi Dogg


  1. Just thinking about our vacation at Hawaii in 2010. It was so great to meet you and spend so e time with you :-)))

    • Manuella – I am pretty sure we agreed you and Frank would be coming back. You are both so generous in spirit to stay in touch with us! And your hula dances from Germany make my day!
      Love, Rox

  2. Fetching dog Lexi fetches and fetches
    The waves build and fall, build and fall
    The rhythm of life back and forth, ebb and flow
    Lexi waits, Lexi trots, Lexi swims, Lexi fetches
    She’s so fetching in all her fetching and the waves roll on.

  3. Mary Elizabeth Smyth says

    I am a senior citizen from Canada
    years ago my son gave me the
    link to this wonderful website.
    for which I am forever grateful
    I am Irish by birth , I really miss
    my own daily beach-walks from Ireland
    from now , [30years ago]
    I live in Ontario with the lovely lake districts
    and I do get to visit beautiful Vancouver
    with the ocean and Mountains.
    so very often this site sets me on my course of
    the really feeling good happy place
    I do thank you Roxy , and love the video
    on Meditation on Fetching with your beautiful devoted

    • Dear Mary Elizabeth,

      Your comment did all these same things for me! Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us. Lots of us miss Beachwalks – you have captured the essence of the show so well.

      Love, Rox

  4. Lexi baby!!! 🙂

  5. Bob Schroeder says

    Wow…that was awesome…Lexi looks great and is still active…he is the luckiest dog in the world…thanks

  6. Lovely video! You can tell how much fun Lexi is having. Our newf would love Hawaii, she loves the water too!

  7. Just watched this video, knowing that I would end up crying. Sure enough, sitting here in Tennessee sniffling with tears streaming down my face…I am so sorry for your loss but happy and blessed that you shared wonderful Lexi with the rest of the world.

    • Susan – this is a waterworks episode for sure! Oh that sweet face and the wisdom of old age that she radiates.. Love, Rox