Beach Walk 775 – Kupu Maui, A Beach Full of Gratitude

We camped out last Friday as part of Dania Katz’s Kupu Maui event with Top Chef chefs Lee Anne Wong and Sheldon Simeon. Those folks were busy cooking so several of the overnight guests joined us on Beach Walks to share their gratitude.

This special event started on Friday with a Kupu Maui popup dinner, cooked by Top Chef chefs Lee Anne Wong and Sheldon Simeon, joined by Kupu Maui chef James Simpliciano. It was an elegant sunset affair, with farm to table veggies and fruits, and starring freshly caught (by James!) mahimahi. If YOU ever come to Maui, do time your visit to attend a Kupu Maui event!

We were a bit groggy Saturday morning before breakfast – mostly due to intermittent sleep as our tents were huddled together with dogs and people and a mix of late to bed and early to rise! You’ll see a silvery overcast day – not typical for this area of west Maui – but many of us remarked about how serene it was. No wind blowing things around, no sun glare – very easy actually to just be here now. Please add your comment below or discuss this on Facebook!

Links from Today’s Episode

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Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻomaikaʻi: gratitude

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  1. Sweet! Mahalo for sharing.

  2. Beautiful overcast day on the beach! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing, Roxanne!

    • Hi Crystal! It was hard to explain – normally people would be grumpy about the “vog (volcanic fog from the Big Island), lack of trade winds, lack of sunshine, lack of blue, etc. But it was just so easy – easy on the eyes, the vibe was so mellow, things were not blowing around – even the chefs noticed it and commented. As you know, the contrast is rich!

  3. I love the idea of popup dinners! It was fun to be a part of it and to meet your lovely friends too. Thanks for sharing Rox.

    • The popup dinners are so wonderful! Kupu Maui dinners are outside – usually at a farm – so we get amazing sunsets along with the farm-to-table and sea-to-table fresh, unusual treats!

  4. Thankful for Roxie bringing the island’s aloha to the world.

  5. I’m grateful that you made this video and I got to see it. I’ve only missed two Kupus. I’m grateful that I’ve been to all the others.

    • We missed you ELi – I think you would have enjoyed it! (Although we were a bit sleep-deprived on Saturday…)

  6. Roxanne, thank you so much for bringing Kupu Maui to Germany with your beach walk! Manuela and I would be so grateful to join Kupu Maui on our next visit!

    • My pleasure Frank! This is one of the top Maui dining experiences – I hope to see you and Manuela soon!

  7. Grateful our paths crossed … Grateful for health, happiness, and becoming a grandmother in June

    • Frankie?!?! How great to hear form you! Let’s connect offline – I will email you. Want to see pics of all the lovelies in your expanding lineage. Love, Rox

  8. What a great time! I’m sorry that I missed it! Next time… Aloha


  1. […] Beach Walk 775 – Kupu Maui, A Beach Full of Gratitude […]

  2. […] Beach Walk 775 – Kupu Maui, A Beach Full of Gratitude […]