Beach Walk 773 – The Currency of Happiness

What makes you happy? Is that an abstract thing that comes before or after you have money? Not only do we get to choose what makes us happy, I would say it is our duty to know, and then make it so!

Can you tell I am going for extreme brevity recently? I am conscious of the time-stress factor – heaven knows I have been grappling with that one for years! Now though, I realize that the energy can transmit as much or more than the actual words. So I intend to embed a quality of experience in these episodes, and to merely suggest a line of thought, a direction of feeling, so we can each carry it forward to the degree we wish. PLUS, we can have a more detailed discussion here or on Facebook!

Of course the silent messenger is that you must have money to have happiness. Or that you must choose between the two. Isn’t it crazy how we humans can concoct so many strong yet conflicting imperatives? To me, it is all just currency. The main point is to know what makes each of us happy! Because that is the energy that attracts all kinds of other good stuff to us, and generates all kinds of good outflows from us too. My friend Sylvia recently wrote a blog post, Happiness is Good for Your Website. She took a delightful and no-nonsense approach to the business basis for this, and the article itself literally bubbles over, for me, with the energy of happiness!

As I share the ever-developing “Beach Walks Philosophy,” one of the key goals is to unplug from so many old, rote beliefs that in fact rob us of being happy in the here and now of 2012. I lived under the shadow of that money is evil thing for decades until I realized everything simply has the energy I give it.

Hawaiian Word:
Hauʻoli: happy

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photo of Rox and Lexi on Beach Walk 773 - The Currency of Happiness


  1. Definitely a timely question, Rox. And it’s such a wonderful feeling to BE doing that work that makes you happy. It reminds me of the question “What would you continue to do even if you never made money at it?” The theory is that, however you feel intuitively drawn to answer that question, that is the path you should continue down because, if you are so passionate about it, you’ll do it a lot, and eventually become an expert at the thing you love. For me, that’s travel and science fiction adventure writing (fiction & nonfiction, respectively).

    Anyway, I really loved this one, guys. You are both so blessed to live in such a place, truly. 🙂

    Also, the video seemed especially high-quality this time. Or maybe secret cameraman is using his lens even better. In either case, such a beautiful place…

    • You know Andrew, we try here at Beachwalks to remove the judgmental energy on things, to truly in walk and talk share the freedom to pursue whatever makes one happy! There are so many pockets of the larger community that tries to prove one approach better or worse than the other. When in fact, life is so incredibly personal and specific!

      Glad you like the video quality! We are uploading in HD now. Such a contrast to our original 320×240 little scratchy episodes!