Let’s Do a Meeting!

Wailea Palms on a Sunny Maui Friday

I rarely go to the beach in the middle of the day. However I had a meeting with my friend Melanie Boudar, who owns Sweet Paradise Chocolate here in Wailea on Maui. She brilliantly suggested we do via walking on the beach!

Melanie is an awesome business woman and I love hearing how she stays focused on her desires, while creating ways for others to help her grow her business – ways that are mutually beneficial. We both marveled at the pleasures of doing business on Maui (permitting not included…) because people just love sharing their networks and offering time-saving tips! This is such a contrast to my earlier days when I felt I had to do everything myself or didn’t trust sharing my ideas with others. Glad that stuff is in the past!

Fortunately she got stopped for a phone call and as I looked down the beach, this photo was my view. Had to share it with you!


Be in Touch!


  1. Hi Roxanne,

    I’ve been watching your podcasts for awhile now and I LOVE THEM! I work in Southern California and I’ve been to Hawaii once. I’d love to go again, but until I can, I have your show. You’ve got great advice and a great attitude. Lexi’s pretty cool too 🙂 Keep those podcasts coming!

  2. Dear Loretta! Thank you so much! Comments like yours make such a difference to us! You are so close – just a short flight over from LA or San Diego…. Let us know when you make your next trip.

    Love, Rox