Beach Walk 772 – Take a Kid to Work? Nah!

Take a daughter to work? Sure! Take your small self? Nah!

I do love the concept of “Take Your Daughter to Work” but let’s not confuse that with bringing all of our childhood baggage along every day. I’ve realized for many years that most of us would be divinely happy just by claiming our grown-up selves and being able to ignore the nagging whines and directives of our “not best self.” I call it the small self, as this part of my mind and heart sees life from a powerless, teeny perspective. Learning how to tell when my small self is running the show is the single most powerful tool I’ve learned in the art of consciousness!

If you would like to join a group call about this topic later this week, please join our email list! It’s a new feature I am offering, where we can go into more depth about the Beachwalks philosophy. I’d like to offer this a regular connection to the video episodes if there is interest! I am also writing a book about the Beachwalks philosophy and hope these calls will help me get my thoughts organized.

Here is an article on Spirituality in Times of Crisis that I’ll include in the discussion. It grew out of our emergency preparations for the tsunami warning we recently had here in Hawaii.

Love to you, from Maui,


Hawaiian Word
Child: keiki

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  1. Wonderful to see another Beachwalk, Rox!

    I feel like everyone is so busy these days that a taste of the Aloha Spirit is just what the doctor ordered. 🙂

    Your concepts of the larger yourself and smaller self remind me exactly of the concepts of higher self and lower self. Your higher self being a part of you outside of time, the wisest part of you. Sometimes that part of us can come through, like a still small voice in the eye of a hurricane.

    And I really enjoyed your advice about talking the lower self through things, consciously. I’ve done this. 🙂 I was also impressed that you openly discussed your divorce. I never knew that about you before. And I know, it takes courage to discuss something like that publicly. 🙂

    Anyway, I dictated this comment in OS X Mountain Lion, and I’d say it went pretty smoothly. And I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this beach in person… next year.

    a hui hou!