Beach Walk 771 – Life is a play ground, not a proving ground

This is a playground! It’s OK to be you now, try new things, break down old systems – you are entitled to be here and you have nothing to prove.

How much energy would you save if you were not having to prove things – to yourself or to others. How much easier would it be, to just be you? What sort of ideas would flow to you and how easy would they be to execute if your mind was not second-guessing you on a regular basis? You have nothing to prove. As for others approving you, also not necessary. Just a few ideas to play with this week, another installment of the Beachwalks Philosophy!

Love to you, from Maui,


Hawaiian Word
Kahua: playground, foundation

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  1. What a great message in a most fabulous video. Playing with a dog on the beach. Ya gotta know I would love that. And I get to do it with my own dogs and other dogs too.

    Nothing to prove. Play your way! I’ll hold that in my thoughts for the week.


  2. Oh wow. Life sure has a funny way of woking out! 🙂
    I had been feeling a little down today and I ended up here on your blog to these wonderful words.

    Thank you so much for sharing!



  3. Aloha Rox 🙂

    Thought you might want to know that this is not working in the iTunes feed. I had to go to Vimeo to download it. :\

  4. Oh, forgot to mention, It’s WONDERFUL to see you again by the way 🙂 A similar idea has been klunking around my head lately, as well. The idea that life is a kind of interactive game that is meant to be fun 🙂

  5. Andrew! Thanks for the info on the feed. I am working on that.

    JT: So glad you are getting to meet our amazing Lexi Dogg! IRL next!

    Risse – That is part of the magic of our beachwalks philosophy. Just ask Andrew!

    Here is another iteration: a sign on a building that extends this playing analogy:

  6. @Andrew – It appears I forgot to insert the file enclosure (geeky speaky…). I’ll be posting a new episode on Monday so hopefully that will get auto-delivered!

  7. Wow how great it is to see you guys…how is life in Maui?..looks awesome..Lexi looks good…are you far from the beach?

  8. Hi Bob from Canada! We just love Maui. We actually live up on the north shore about 15 minutes form the closest beach – but with wide open spaces and fruit trees! Lexi is in heaven, as are Shane and I. Hope to see you and Sue this winter! Are you still making the yearly trip to Hawaii?

  9. I posted this on SheBlogsMaui but thought I’d put it here too:

    Wonderful reminder to let go of peoples’ expectations and our own worry. It is well documented in the animal kingdom and among our own babies that play is the best way for them to learn and develop skills. They do this so well because they have no inhibitions as long as they feel safe. We would be wise as adults to adopt the same mentality to continue making the leaps and bounds in learning and experiences that we did as children. I think too, that when we incorporate this kind of mentality, we automatically increase in kindness because we don’t feel the need to judge or pressure people just as much as we don’t feel the worry of what others think of us. Wonderful video! Great start to the day