Beachwalk 769 – Get Off Your Case

I laid out my to do lists and got some crazy math! It helped me understand why I am behind on a few things. Note to self: I realized that the more I stay off my case the more I get done!

Have you noticed this explosion of opportunity and possibility? Well it brings along with it “a lot of stuff to do.” In fact the easier something is, the more likely I am to put it on a list somewhere. This is creating some fun challenges in the time-space continuum however. Translation: I sometimes get behind and my personal goals get shoved into tomorrow. Writing it all out and seeing the math on paper made a big impact on me! So much so, that I found time with my Secret Cameraman and Lexi to record this video note to self: get off your case about being “behind” and keep resetting priorities.

Why does that matter? Because for me life is all about the energy. I’ve learned that criticism only slows me down. If I am down in the dumps, I am not energized or creative – you know, those attributes that help me get things done. There is also this magical side benefit. When I am all lit up, I see many things that I don’t have to do anymore – they just get handled “in my absence.” #HowCoolIsThat?

OK, so what is your secret sauce for staying ahead of (or letting go of) those 21st century wish lists aka to do lists?

Hawaiian Word
Hoʻomāmā – to lighten up

Be in Touch!


  1. Dan Brown says

    I make 2 lists: “Must do” and “Want to do”.
    Entered every so often in the “Must do” list is “Want to do”.
    Appreciating your aloha.
    mahalo nui loa

  2. I’m definitely feeling this today! Thanks for the reminder! Annnd…you look FANTASTIC in that purple!! =) Aloha!

  3. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful to have Beachwalks again. I missed you guys. Looking forward to more!

    p.s. Did I hear correctly that you guys moved to a different island? You guys could make a short video about that and how the new island is different.

  4. What a timely reminder for me! I am going to go laugh at my list, too! Okay…my lists…my lists of lists.

  5. Thanks for your replies folks!

    @Dan – good systemQ I find time tends to move things from “must do” to “want to do” without my doing anything…

    @Tara – Purple is the color of Maui as far as the state tourism designation. I am having a newfound relationship with it!

    @Andrew – I know we have been corresponding in email. Than you and please continue to nudge! “One of these days…”

    @Magdalena – Laughing, in general, is sich a great thing eh??

  6. Even slow progress is still progress :)

  7. I used to walk the beach at Lanikai with my head spinning with all there is to do in life. The problem was that I was missing out on being in the moment and enjoying the presence of the Mokulua’s !! I have inproved over the years and enjoying more of the every day wonders by not being consumed with lists and the mental chatter that accompanies them !!


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