Beach Walks 765 – Folding In and Out

Watch the waves on South Maui as they fold in and out – a metaphor to stay in the flow in 2012 even if life starts coming at us sideways. These waves are doing just that and it so gorgeous! Watch the video, then keep reading…

Filmed on the iPhone, edited on the iPad – brought to you by “The Better Something Than Nothing Department!” Wishing you a wonderful new year and another chance to live the life you dream of living, right here right now.

Hawaiian word:
Pelu: to fold, turn over and under, to bend

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  1. How great it was to hear your music and voice and watch the surf…just like the old Beachwalk days…Happy New Year to you and Shane and Lexi…we will be back at the Ilikai in a fcouple weeks to absorb that Aloha spirit

  2. What a treat to start 2012! Thank you for this welcome surprise. All the best in 2012. We look forward to seeing more Maui moments and maybe some Lexi Dog,too!

  3. Hey Rox,

    Nice to see shots of the beach. Amazing that you are filming with a iphone and doing your edit right from you ipad. Happy New Year to you, Shane and Lexi. I hope to get over to Hawaii sometime this year.


  4. Woo hoo! Got my Beachwalks fix – mahalo nui and Happy New Year to you, Shane and Miss Lexi. :D

  5. New year’s resolution #1: start watching Beach Walks again every day! It is food for the soul! (Life got so busy I stopped…what was I thinking?)
    Happy New Year, Rox!

  6. Hey hey! It is old home week on Beach Walks! I love hearing from each of you!

    Bob – You know you will have to come over to Maui for a few days. Shane has an art show on Feb 18-19 in case you want to plan around that!

    Mindy – Please include Maui on your itinerary!

    Jonnie – Looks like the pressure is building to call your favorite travel agent…

  7. Kalei darling! We have been off the wagon too. Enjoy the archives. One of these days I will fix all the broken stuff here and get a new design up and start regular episodes!

  8. Life is just one big ebb and flow…we can learn so much from the ocean. I love it.

    Thanks for the video Rox!

    Happy New Year!
    xoxo, Sarah

  9. Nice video! And what a fantastic concept to meditate on at the ocean.

  10. aloha are you no longer doing shows from kilua

  11. @Sarah – Happy New Year to you as well! (And everyone else, check out the link on Sarah’s name to see all sorts of Maui stories.)

    @Ihilani – I sometimes wonder if people tire of these episodes but only hope they are like me – I can’t get enough of just staring at the ocean!

    @Michael – We moved to Maui so we won’t be doing many shows from Kailua. However about 90% of what is in the archives is from there!

  12. fascinating. creative. I too like taking video of the ocean. Just found there is a term for it in the video world: Ambient Video.

  13. Great video of our South Maui Beach…nice way to share with the rest of the world! :)

  14. Happy New Year Rox!

    So what made you move to Maui? Kailua Beach is supposed to be the best beach in the world! … according to Condi Naste.

    My wife and I were in Kailua last February. It was Very nice! All the pictures and videos I took were with my iPhone 4.

    How did you hold the camera so steady? I had problems with that when shooting video with it.

    Is Lexi doing all right? I miss seeing her in the videos.

    Anyways, I hope you all have a blessed new year.

  15. Aloha Orville! We love the Kailua beaches – they are amazing. However we wanted some more open space, so now we live in the country on the north shore of Maui. The beach is a 15 minute drive – we don’t get there daily – but we do have nice opens space!

    I tend to find these positions that I can hold for a few minutes – and end up holding my breath near the end to keep from shaking!

  16. will some of the art be shown on a website ? does the gallery have one?
    where in maui country are you?
    so you like the iphone? thinking of getting into the teck world how is the learning curve? total costof your service? thanks aloha, michael
    from the hamptons!!

  17. Mahalo to sparking my dreams again. A new year to get back into the Groove. Still veggian.