Beach Walk 764 – A Week of Possibility

Enjoy your own deserted beach on Maui! Leave your cares and footprints in the sand, they’ll disappear.

I just love how many cool tools are available now as compared to when we started Beachwalks way back in 2006! While we are working on a new web site design, I intend to share some short mobile videos that I can make on the fly. Let’s get back to the waves and the serenity folks! Coming to you now from the magic of Maui! And this one is in HD!

Hawaiian Word:
Hele hoʻokahi: To go alone

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  1. Great to see the Hawaiian beach again! Looking forward to more 🙂

  2. Great to see again too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We have a new site design as of today and will start coding it next. 🙂

  3. Love those Maui beach scenes!

  4. Today, your podcast brought serenity into my world. thank you

  5. It just makes my day again and again when you all leave comments such as these. The Beachwalks lifestyle and philosophy has formed out of this lovely collaboration. Please keep it coming as we are doing the same!
    Love, Rox

  6. Hello Rox and Shane…
    it is nice to have y’all back on the broadcast path… looking forward to your new design… as well as the scenery of Maui – a bit of selfishness on my part… (wink)
    If you plan to make a few mobile beachwalks from time to time, please plan to record one on the beach adjacent to Hui Aloha Church in Kaupo… ( speaking of selfish… gee whiz… LOL )

    Praying for the best experiences and broadcasts ever in the new venues, the new islands (Molokai, Lanai, Molokini, and Kaahoolawe are all part of Maui County) and the new chapters yet to be written.

    Until that time … Earl J.

  7. [viddler id-5798bb6a]

  8. Hey Rox – Can you wrap that sound of water crashing on the beach to an .mp3? It’d be a great lullaby to put on the iPhone. What a sight (and sound)! We’re so lucky to live in Hawaii, huh? Maybe we’ll meet face-to-face at a Social Meet one day.

  9. @hawaiiactivitiesexpert – Good idea! I wil do that and put it out as an audio podcast

    @earl Cool video! Keep teching on the edge!

  10. Hello again, Rox!

    I was listening to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s music today, and it reminded me of Beachwalks. How’s the new site design going? 🙂

    Although, I’d rather have a short video first, and a new site later. I miss my beachwalks. ^_^

  11. Maui beach -it look great, it sounds great, and like a cure, for someone who have been busy at the noisy office the whole week! Very serene! Great video, and great blog!

  12. Thanks for your comments folks! We are still hanging in here!