Beach Walk 761 – Kani Ka Pila at Ulupalakua Ranch

We’re on Maui! Meet musician George Kahumoku at the Ulupalakua Ranch.

I was hired by the Maui Visitors Bureau to assemble a team of new media bloggers and podcasters to participate in a week-long press trip to Maui. You are the lucky beneficiaries! In this second episode, filmed on-site at the Ulupalakua Ranch, I introduce you to George Kahumoku, a slack key guitarist and multi-talented person – like so many Hawaiians! You must watch this to learn about his many talents. I love the title of today’s episode as it has the rhythm of the Hawaiian language in these long yet simple words. Just say each one slowly as it is written; or do as my friend Shel Israel suggests, and say it 10 times fast!

Please go explore the VisitMauiBlog for more stories, photos, and videos of our week on Maui. It is the perfect way to spend a little time on Maui and to plan your next vacation or business retreat. Mahalo nui to the Maui Visitors Bureau for inviting us to be their guests.

Hawaiian word:
Kani ka pila: play music (an afternoon tradition in Hawaii)
Ulu: to grow, spread, protect
Palakua: to ripen to perfection

This episode was sponsored by the Maui Visitors Bureau.

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  1. Fun interview… I have the Hymns of Hawaii, Vol 2 CD that Mr. Kahumoku did with Daniel Ho. Nice.

    I like he still farms; I didn’t him hear mention that he grows pineapples. I always look for the Maui Gold (reduced acid) pineapples at Costco. They and other markets have the “Golden” pineapples but they’re usually from Costa Rica. I haven’t run across the Maui Gold brand in a long time…

    Would love to see him in a family pic with all 15 kids… Guess you’d need a camera with panoramic mode! 🙂

  2. Jonnie! You continue to be one of those amazing ambassadors of Hawaii – spreading the aloha and the tunes far and wide.

    You know they closed down a lot of the pineapple farms here – sad to say.

    Thanks so much for all your love and participation!

  3. Such a nice, down to Earth man.
    His music is a mainstay and it’s always a pleasure to hear him.
    Thanks for sharing Rox, and yes, Maui nō ka ʻoi!


  4. A very down-to-earth, multi-talented individual who embodies many of the traits that make Hawaii full of the Aloha Spirit. Thanks for posting this, Rox.

  5. i enjoyed that interview very much. I like the relaxed way of the Hawaiian people.


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