Beach Walk 759 – Flowing the Texas Rapids

I am in Austin, Texas for a program with Lola Jones and we went to Barton Creek for a lunch break. It was a perfect opportunity to remember the rocks in the river are part of the fun! I am sure you’ll get the metaphor.

Many of you viewers know I took a 5-day silent retreat with Lola Jones last year and that in addition to all the technology and social media training and consulting I do, I also give Divine Openings. I was here in Austin to gain some more experience and knew that you Beach Walks viewers would appreciate some flow analogies, some water footage, and of course a few pups! (We were joined by Honey and Sophie on the hike.)

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Hawaiian word:
Pōhaku: stone

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  1. Love these episodes that you do while you’re on the road. :-)

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    It was the perfect day for this kind of outing. I especially enjoy your approach to the water – looks very refreshing!

  3. Loved listening to the flow. The giggles were icing on the cake!

  4. Rapids…you learn to read the river, and when you are in the rapids, don’t stop paddling. Paddling is what keeps you in the boat. Sense of humor helps.

  5. @shane – I love that you watch them while I am on the road!

    @susan – my only regret is that you weren’t there with us! Ans yes, I could have hung my head in the water for a long time.

    @Barbara – water: it’s my main pleasure in life!

    @celeste – I loved watching all the different strategies and different types of boats. That paddle all the time really makes sense in the outrigger canoe. When we are going out over the waves, people tend to panic and stop paddling – and the boat loses speed and control!