Beach Walk 757 – Waves Washing Over Us

This walk on the beach in Maui is a type of shadow play and a rare glimpse of seeing Secret Cameraman at work!

This is a little venture into avante garde film-making, as the camera perspective and what you see on screen is a bit unusual. No talking, just walking and some gorgeous waves here to wash away whatever shadows may be dogging any of us. On a side note, I had the most fun interview ever with Dave Moyer and Kym Huynh of Wordcast Conversations and they got me all energized to post a new episode! I’ll post the link to it when it goes live.

Please visit Kenneth Makuakane’s web site to learn more about his new CD, The Dash. I think his music works perfectly in this episode and he is so generous to share it with us.

Hawaiian word:
hoʻoaka: to cast a shadow

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  1. It was so much fun to get you hooked up with Kym and Dave. Aren’t they wonderful! I love this video. Well done and perfect for the moment of peace I needed in my day. How did you ever know? 😉

    Check out WordCast Conversations 5: Roxanne Darling. Enjoy.

  2. Avante garde film-making indeed! I absolutely love the video and the idea of the waves washing away our burdens.

    Thanks for the dedication, love and support Rox. You, like your name implies, do indeed rock.

  3. Simply, thank you.

  4. Which beach was this? And do you have a personal, non-legally binding opinion about driving around the back side from Hana to Kaupo and around? I’m going to be on Maui next month! woot!

  5. @Kym – Thank you so much! Welcome to our Beach Walks community and thank you again for the interview (#5) on Wordcast Conversations.

    @Glynda – Simply, you are most welcome.

    @Celeste – This was at Big Beach on Maui out past Kihei and Wailea. I have driven the back road many times, it is much better than it ever used to be. The only caveat is that if it has been raining, the road will be in rough shape. But it is actually a little quicker than the taking the curvy road on the north shore. Keep in touch – we may be heading over there again too!

  6. Buddy Friendly says

    The Shadow knows…

    Buddy Friendly

  7. Amy Goodharbor says

    Aloha Rox,
    I wanted to stop by to let you know that I really enjoy your video podcast. I’ve been a fan for a few years now. I think it’s fantastic that you record on the beaches of Hawaii. Hawaii is my all time favorite place to be. I live in Landlocked Ohio, but have been fortunate enough to visit the islands twice so far. Your shows are very insightful and love to see Lexi as well. Secret Cameraman does an awesome job recording while walking backwards! Also enjoy your Hawaiian word for the day. Thank you for bringing yours shows and the beach to your viewers.

    • Amy! Thank you so much for your comment. It’s hard to express how much we appreciate this feedback and one of these days we are going to be upa nd running again. Our old Lexi dog is almost 12 but still full of energy. Hugs all around! Mahalo nui. Love Rox


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