Beach Walk 755 – Clothing & Anxiety Optional

Big Beach, Little Beach: clothing optional on one, anxiety optional on both! We are on a business retreat on Maui, staying at the Hotel Wailea, soaking up the Maui lifestyle.

We as creatures of God, a part of the Divine, have been incarnating for millions of years, yet somehow the discomfort for being a physical being seems to be dragged along with each generation. The refusal to dance for fear of looking or feeling silly. The great lengths we go to for fashion and food. When itʻs Halloween fun, great! When it drags us down or keeps us home, not so much. Here at Big Beach on Maui, with the clothing optional Little Beach just over the hill, join us for some beautiful scenery and breaking waves. Come roll in the pleasure that can be found inside your skin, once we get the mind out of the way.

Hawaiian word:
Kohana: naked, bare, alone

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  1. Even when I weighed 60 lbs less, I didn’t go around without a shirt, must less (pun intended) even less clothing. Programming I guess. And I actually like the feeling of loose, all cotton clothing – I sleep in a big t-shirt and when my feet are cold, socks too! I would have mentioned boxers as well, but I’m sure that’s way too much information… (ha, ha)

  2. What I notice while wearing minimal clothing (like t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops) in warmer weather is that I have less body conciousness than than when fully clothed in colder weather. It seems the fabric cocoon is gone and the barrier of separateness from the universe is no longer there.
    p.s. thanks Shane for the gravatar tip over at funhogs1.

  3. I am an illustrator who, a couple of years ago, took up body painting. Almost without exception, the people who I’ve painted have visibly unfolded and brightened … become gleeful … as I paint them. I think the things that you are talking about on this beach walk explain a lot about why this happens.

    I’ve posted a link to the video from my facebook page WillsonBodyPainting Thank you.

  4. OK – I left a comment days ago on my own blog and it went missing – tells you how unpredictable the internet can be.

    @Jonnie Question of the day: Which do you avoid more: TMI (too much info) or TMC (too much clothing)? He he, aloha friday!

    @Dan Brown A long time ago I worked on a Department of Defense medical ship that was doing cancer screenings in the Marshall Islands (just north of the equator in the Pacific). The missionaries had turned them away from nudity, and people even swam in the ocean fully clothed! I had a long talk with the crew – the men were sure women wore bikinis just to be sexy. I said NO – I wear as little as I can get away with because the feel of the water and the sun and air on my skin is so incredibly delicious. They had never thought of it that way.

    @David Wilson I love the imagery you created with your words – “unfolded and brightened” – thanks for stopping by.