Beach Walk 754 – Big Beach, Little Beach

Big Beach, Little Beach; big ideas, small details. We are on a business retreat on Maui, staying at the Hotel Wailea, and filming at Big Beach/Little Beach.

At home we have a small place with low ceilings, and no view. At the Hotel Wailea, we have a large room, high ceilings, and an incredible view! The shift in our thinking as a result in the shift in our environment is providing a contrast that was long overdue for us. It reminds me of the value of alternating between big view and little view.

Hawaiian word:
ʻIkena: view, scenery, knowledge

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  1. What a wonderful way to start the week. I feel totally energized. Mahalo

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    You are clearly relaxed here, Rox. It is fun seeing Shane’s shadow through much of the video and then seeing your footprints as the first marks in the sand as you walk away at the end. This was a very refreshing episode…thank you for letting us share the moment with you. I think Maui is going to pull at your heart strings, as if it hasn’t done so already!!

  3. @Susan… I was home yesterday (sick) and watching a Netflix DVD Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry with the Director narration turned on. Peter Fonda was explaining how he got the role of Larry and he started off by saying he was on his boat in Lahaina when he got the call… Yay, Maui synergy!

    I friend at work was married in Maui and also a childhood friend. We were there in 2004 – neat place.

  4. Max Miller says

    I have stayed at a Wailea hotel as well and there are few things like it in the world. The relaxation experienced at Maui is really second to none!

  5. @Jonnie and @Susan and my dog Lexie – You are the comment king and queen! Thank you for all the love.

    @Max – We plan to be back at Hotel Wailea Oct 2010; stay tuned for more!