Beach Walk 752 – Random Lexi Dogg

I am out of town and left my intended footage back on my main hard drive so I found this remnant from last winter!

It’s got a mood to it I think, and it’s dedicated to dog lovers and long shadows everywhere. The sound is minimal – just the sweet romancing rhythms of gentle late afternoon waves. Co-mingled with Lexi’s steady breathing, and a reminder from my friend Lola Jones to “breathe for pleasure.” I hope we at Beach Walks can cast a shadow of grace on you today. Mahalo for your patience in our absence.

Hawaiian word:
hoʻoaka: to cast a shadow

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  1. Once again, Thank You. For your caring and help in helping me remember what’s important. Lexie sure has her priorities in order; breathe and enjoy what has been given and the beauty in it. We should all be so smart.

  2. Very relaxing to watch. Mahalo for posting this and have fun in Maui.

  3. que bella!

    i love these shadows. reminds me of a great lumiere from Sam Rensiew recently:

    with typical synchronicity, i was out shooting some static frames yesterday, for the first time in ages. of quite different scenes… pedestrians surging at Oxford Circus, London’s central crossroads – and passersby at Shepherds Bush Market…

  4. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    This IS relaxing! We can learn much from Lexi too, always being in the moment and living fully.

  5. …and now the star of our show…no offense Rox,Shane

  6. I just love the combination of mellow and comedic comments you all have left on this episode. I am so glad you liked it.

    @Bob you are correct of course and we take no offense.

    @Rupert I was thinking “lumiere” when I shot this, but could not resist breaking away from the formula. Had to add the sound for one, and wanted the lightness of Lexi’s “swim by” at the end for fun. I tend to be so serious at times. 🙂

  7. What a great episode. I can see myself watching this on numerous occasions for pure relaxation. Dogs always help me connect with Source – quicker than almost anything else. That Lexi is just pure love and light. Thanks for this!