Beach Walk 750 – USS Nimitz Steel Beach #7

Rox is back on the beach this week with a little “beachwalks philosophy” debriefing and looking back at the overnight embark on the USS Nimitz.

Shane has dropped in a few more clips that we also wanted to share with you. Over the past few decades, it appears the military has learned some things the rest of us are still catching up on. If you provide good training and you have reliable procedures and consequences, then just about anything is doable. The main point stressed to us was that the military exists primarily to prevent war, not win war. The appropriate show of force and the claiming of one’s authentic power, can deter the large majority of problems. In recent history, it seems to me more a problem with our civilian leaders than our military leaders in terms of making reasonable decisions. Without rehashing the tired arguments of the past (remember I was a student at Berkeley in the 70’s and an antiwar protester and still prefer peace over war), what have you learned from the Nimitz series?

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Watch an actual takeoff here at Bytemarks’ blog.
Watch an interview with Admiral John Miller, filmed by Nathan Kam.
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Kāohi: prevent

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  1. …I’ve really enjoyed this whole series about the Nimitz – thanks again. 🙂

  2. Judy Dennis says


    This was so cool, interesting and educational! I can’t believe the access you had on board and the openness of the crew, not at all what I would have imagined the Navy to be like (or any Armed Force group).
    I had chills on many occasions and did you get any off camera reports of UFOs? Haha.

    Thanks for bringing the military to our living rooms and the great examples of American heros.

  3. Wow!
    It’s been a long time since I stopped by, and for the first few seconds I was a bit confused…
    What an amazing thing for them to do.
    Now I’m going to go back and watch the series.
    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.
    I think you’re mostly right – the military leaders are, for the most part, not particularly gung ho for war – although I have met a lot of soldiers who can’t wait to get out there and see some action.
    The problem is that we entrust this massive weapon to people who cannot be trusted to use it wisely, or even to tell the truth about why they’re using it.
    The force as deterrence argument and the fear of attack always seems extraordinary to the rest of the world, given America’s position in the world. And that unjustified fear is used to justify pre-emptive wars on the false pretext of ‘deterrence’.
    I just don’t buy the argument that by arming everyone, you stop gun crime. Nor that the arms race prevented WW3 – look at the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    And of course it’s wonderful that people in the military are hardworking and dedicated – and amazing that they’re so open. But it makes it even sadder how misused they are by our governments, while the population continue to believe that force is necessary to achieve peace.
    Until the public dialogue changes and people start to believe that peace is not a naive dream, and is of paramount importance, we’re just going to keep on fighting the same bullshit wars we’ve been fighting for the last 100 years. And creating convenient alliances with evil regimes which go on to cause more, worse wars.
    Sorry. I should go and watch the videos!

  4. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Rox, Thanks for capsulizing your afterthoughts from this most incredible journey on the USS Nimitz! It is nice to hear all the positive things you took away from this experience. You and Shane covered this with a freshness that I have not seen elsewhere. WELL DONE!!!

  5. Really enjoyed this series. Thanks to you and Shane.
    One question: How did you disembark?

  6. @Jonnie – You are most welcome.

    @Judy Dennis – the access was amazing, far more than your average American company to be very sure. Yes, there was more discussion of UFO’s…I pressed but the official word is “No Comment.” Have you seen this week’s issue of Newsweek? A cover article on NASA’s work in this area.

    @Rupert – While many of us prefer peace we do share the planet with those who prefer to fight. The people I have met in the military, curiously, are not all that into fighting, and are more into protecting. It is an interesting paradigm, across several discussion points, to be sure. Welcome back.

    @Susan – Shane gets the credit! He was the one that conceived of the series, did the special effects, and had the patience to film and edit so much of the footage! Thank you so much for noticing.

    @Dan – We had the catapult shot off the deck – unlike any roller coaster ride I have ever had! Bigger, wilder, and faster – it was over long before I registered what had actually happened!

  7. This is great…….thank you for your patience dragging me out of the dark ages……MP

  8. outstanding work…very informative and really interesting…thanks

  9. WOW!! What a great series. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. are the beachwalks & lexi gone for good? we miss them both. are you aware of anyone else who may be doing something simialr to the ones you used to do?