Beach Walks 748 – USS Nimitz Steel Beach #5

Petty Officer Kayla Johnson gives us a tour of the enlisted berthing quarters and talks about the more personal side of being on board an aircraft carrier for six months. Find out about relationships and BBQ’s, and take the best seat on the boat with us. It’s a sunrise like no other.

Be sure and check out Melissa Chang’s series in the Honolulu Advertiser.
Check out our photos on Flickr.
Watch an actual takeoff here at Bytemarks’ blog.
Watch an interview with Admiral John Miller, filmed by Nathan Kam.

Hawaiian word:
Pukana lā: sunrise

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  1. …this whole series of vids is so fun. Love the combination of how smart and approachable the Navy personnel are. Growing up in a Navy town (San Diego) I don’t remember being this enthused about them in my younger years; it’s nice to look at them now and really appreciate what they do and see qualities in the personalities that appear warm and genuine. And the closing scene sitting on the deck and looking at the ocean is just awesome. Thx

  2. okay shane you were right, now i hate you. tears of proud again

  3. The Awe Factor continues to expand exponentially! The sweetest parts are the transparency each person shared; getting a glimpse of the everyday life of having a job on a really big ship; the spine-tingling beauty of liquid nature. Luscious camera work Shane.

    Thinking it may be a challenge to top this adventure in the coming months!


  4. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Having the one-on-one conversations give these episodes such added flavor. Nice seeing some of the mentioned sunset pics included too – wow, thanks for sharing those, Kayla! Shane, great angles and capturing the feel like we’re there too, feeling and smelling the salty breezes…

  5. My son is serving on that ship. We were on board the USS Nimitz for the Friends and Family Day Cruise in March 2009. What a ship!
    We have been enjoying your series of videos.

  6. Judy Dennis says

    You are wrong, we would ALL miss you!!!!!!


  7. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Judy is absolutely right — I second her statement!!

  8. Shannon Watanuki says

    Aloha Rox-
    I just wanted to thank you for your uplifting Beach Walks with Rox episodes.Just out of college my husband and I separately taught in Hawaii for an academic year. Once Hawaii is in your blood, it’s there forever! Having two hapa children ourselves, we appreciate the multi-culturalism of the islands.Your show lets me experience Aloha any moment I need a spiritual up-lift! Thanks for your positive attitude and the beauty you bring to my day.Looking forward to more shows…
    Best Wishes-
    Shannon Watanuki

  9. @Shannon- Thank you so much for you lovely and loving comment! You know of what I talk, and I love that we have “Aloha receptors” like you all over the world, extending the energy in their own communities and families. Love, Rox