Beach Walk 746 – USS Nimitz Steel Beach #3

This episode from the USS Nimitz takes place on the flight deck, with F18 hornets and super hornets taking off and landing. Meet Lt. Sam Kesler, the “shooter” who is also our tour guide. Watch Rox ask the “I’ve never seen a fighter jet” questions! And be sure to watch the two previous episodes and stay tuned for several more!

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Watch an actual takeoff here at Bytemarks’ blog.

Hawaiian word:
Lele: to fly

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Fascinating…I think my favorite spot would be on the flight deck too! Thanks to Lieutenant Sam “Freak Show” Kesler for the informative chat while the jets were landing/taking off.

  2. @Susan – I forgot to put this in the notes, but it was SO noisy there that Shane could not hear me. We had NO IDEA if we were getting any usable sound at all. He did a great job of channeling the conversation and aiming the camera to where Sam was pointing! I am so happy it sounded SO good. The noise, the wind, the heat, the jet fuel, the flying dust – it is an intense experience. The jets need a minimum of about 30 MPH to get lift, so the ship just sets course and speeds up as necessary to achieve the apparent wind effect. It’s all so precise and practiced.

  3. DK3 from the Big E 1968 says

    Thank you on behalf of a proud father of a current crew member and an old DK3 from the USS Enterprise during 1968. Your report was very well done.