Beach Walk 745 – USS Nimitz Steel Beach #2

Meet Captain Mike Manazir, who tells us to ask any question, take pictures and videos, talk to the sailors, no restrictions. Right away with the Captain you will get a feeling for the people on board. One of my fellow travelers, Olwen Huxley, summed it up perfectly: I got on the Nimitz “wow, the technology” and got off the Nimitz “wow, the people.”

Be sure and check out Melissa Chang’s series in the Honolulu Advertiser.
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Hawaiian word:
Kāpena: captain

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  1. Like having the entire population of Kailua living together on Kailua Bay’s “Flat Island”. WOW!
    The organization must be be amazing. How many psychotherapists are on board?

  2. …really like the Captain – total ‘can do’ guy. What a huge responsibility to keep that ship ready; amazing. Thanks for another great video!

  3. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Lovin’ it and seeing the upbeat attitudes of everyone too really conveys proud Americans that know they are making a difference in the lives of themselves and others. Rox, you look so small compared to when those powerful jets come roaring in for the split-second landing; I also note no jaywalkers on deck!

    Great stuff — keep it coming!

  4. It’s too exciting for words! We’ll enjoy watching this over and over with family and friends. They’ll know each one of you before I tire of watching this.

    I’ve been to HI several times and one never tires of that beautiful state and all the kind people there. I liked every single soul I saw on the ship and am proud of the job they are doing.

    Aloha from Michigan, the land of lakes and Detroit’s Auto Dream Cruise. We’re all dream cruisin’ this weekend!

  5. Aloha
    You have done wonders in a short time, The Pollution Solution Group has been
    Waster-Sizing for 30+ years, setting examples by also walking the walk, leaving only foot prints behind, we started on Maui.
    We are all in this neighborhood together.
    What we learn from one, might help us with another.
    People hear what we say but see what we do and seeing is believing. (Keep up the good work)
    NOW is the only time we have, Carpe Diem
    Remembet the AINA, The Life of the People is in Our Hearts and Shows in the Land” Reach out for the Voiceless, The Children, Wildlife and Natural Waterways, One day, One beach at a time.
    With Aloha, KOTO One of the keepers of the ocean

  6. Holy Cow Roxanne! That is awesome. What a wonderful privilege to be a part of that. I’d give just about anything.

  7. @Dan Brown – that is a strange thought. Flat Island would have to be 23 stories high and you can imagine how the locals would feel about dat!

    @Jonnie – Agreed; Capt Manazir appears to LOVE his job and what a system the Navy has – he really has an incredible crew (average is 19!!!) who all “pull together” – a paddling term.

    @Susn – not to worry; we have seven episodes to roll out. :-) And an interview on too.

    @Proud Mama – Mom, you have been so wonderful about telling people about Beach Walks! I think it is time for another interview with you next week.

    @KOTO – Thanks for making the journey over from Thailand to Beach Walks. Welcome!

    @Steve – GREAT to hear from you again! I hope all is well – this was an incredible experience in so many ways, on so many levels.