Beach Walk 744 – USS Nimitz Steel Beach #1

Who knew after all my disco years dancing to the tune of “in the navy” I would be a DV (Distinguished Visitor) on a US Navy aircraft carrier? Who knew a former anti-war protester from UC Berkeley would be invited aboard a war ship, free to roam the ship unsupervised? Shane and I spent an overnight on the USS Nimitz – a 4.5 acre steel beach. We’ve got several episodes for you, as of course we couldn’t go alone! Part One is the getting there, via a COD flight with an arrested landing. This episode starts off with a briefing from Public Affairs Officer Theresa Donnelly; you can follow her (and her boxer!) on Twitter. I have to say it was especially cool having our arrival announced on Twitter too.

Be sure and check out Melissa Chang’s series in the Honolulu Advertiser.
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Hawaiian word:
Mokulele: airplane, flying ship

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  1. Fantastic experience. I’m so proud of all those young women and men serving our country. I could never have done it. I’d be hanging over the side of the ship the whole time! Glad you didn’t my genes in this case.

    Anxiously awaiting the rest of the series. Love, Mom

  2. This comment is for episode 744. Must have goofed in trying to post!

  3. Oops – operator error again by sister Barbara! Mistook ‘no responses’ for meaning something else. All caught up in the excitement of the Nimitz!!

  4. Judy Dennis says

    Rox and Shane,

    That was very cool. Love the jargon from the instructors! Can’t wait for the second installment. Do you have your land legs back?!

  5. …just watched this on iTunes (twice) – very fun! No windows in the C2 – yikes!

  6. Manu frio !!!

  7. good video. looking forward to the next one. awesome experience.

  8. very very very COOL

  9. Rox,

    Great video from you and Shane. Can’t wait to see you continue your adventure. At the same time, I shot quite a bit too with my FlipMino. What to do with all the footage? 😉


  10. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    …”Beachwalks with Tailhookers”?! 🙂 WOW, Rox. Awesome. Am so glad you and Shane were chosen for this most special experience and can’t wait for the next installment. The attention to a variety of details in the seconds you provide makes us feel a part of this amazing journey.

    A special THANK YOU to the USS Nimitz crew for allowing this opportunity!! All of you remain in our thoughts and prayers for safe seas and a safe journey wherever you go.

  11. Bert Benton says

    Terrific! Instuctions scene reminds me of a bus ride to drop in point for CO river raft trip…no one ever actually falls in. Came in handy when I fished Will out. Looking forward to remaining segments. Chiefs on the goal vs. Vikes…Yikes

  12. I’m just now catching up on Beachwalks. Thank you for this ep! My birthday is on Pearl Harbor Day and for my 35th (next year) I plan on visiting Pearl Harbor. Now I’m more excited than I was before – if that was possible!

  13. So cool Rox!!! Thanks for an awesome Beachwalks.

  14. Robert Heemstra says

    I have served on board the Nimitz from 1983 to 1986. Thank you for bringing me back fond memories.

  15. Thank you all so much for your comments, and Robert, hats off to you!

  16. Aloha! Since I’ve put in a bit of time in the previous hour or so reading through your articles, I decided I might slide in a brief comment in your blog comments to say hey. I’m totally liking what you have made here with your blog and I do hope you keep writing it. In any case I will not take up any more of your time, I wanted to say howdy and mahalo.


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