Beach Walk 743 – Raw or Rendered?

First things first: Lexi is back!
Programming is a funny thing. What you see at the end is not how things are at the beginning. There is that “processing” that takes place in the middle. Even if you “view source” of a web page and see the HTML code, there is a good chance that at least some of that started off very differently. If you just copy what you see on the surface, you will miss some of the underlying functional magic! Of course reverse engineering can be fun too – and very informative.

Hawaiian word:
Maka: raw, fresh

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  1. Richard Spence says

    Hi Rox! I just got a new computer and have not been successful in subscribing your BeachWalks to my ITunes Ipod section.. Any help will be appreciated..Thank you and am thinking good thoughts of Lexi….Dick

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Welcome back Lexi! It is indeed sheer pleasure to take a stroll along the beach with you guys this morning. Thanks for all the extra efforts on the ‘back end’ while sharing an updated slice of paradise with us. The water is fine and the chat is calming to the soul as well. Mahalo!!

  3. …I’m watching/listening to Friday’s vodcast again this early Saturday morning. It reminds me of why I of why I originally started watching Beachwalks; the segment is so visual. In fact so much so I’m about halfway through it before I realize I only processed about 3 words that were said. It’s the aqua water, the sounds of the waves, the tone of Roxanne’s voice, the plumeria; I just go into a zone. Too funny (in a wonderful kind of way).

    Sorry I missed the update about Lexi – she looks good. I’m sending her a hug as I type! ;-)

    Back on topic, it seems like people are divided into raw and rendered too. Some want their whole experience finished and glossy, and others like the what-makes-it-work. I’m somewhere in the middle (and probably inconsistent too) depending on the experience, the situation and my interest.

    Mahalo for the show. It’s got my weekend off to a nice start.


  4. Greetings from the mainland. Hope this fines all of you well and happy. It was good to see Lexie back on the show. And I couldn’t agree with your observation regarding “Raw or Rendered”. A good foundation for anything and knowing what makes it good is a great feeling. Thanks for all the sharing and insight.

    Best Regards,