Beach Walk 742 – Huli Heaven

It’s been a long time since we’ve been out on the water together. Our friends Eric, Stacey, and Kaile got a new 4-man outrigger canoe. Shane, Eric, and I took it out – saving a seat for you! I have missed being on the water, and hope you enjoy this episode – oh so Hawaii.

Huli means to roll over in Hawaiian, and though we caught several awesome waves, we also caught a 360! It was a great day, made better in my memory by the amazing song, "The Ocean" by Barefoot Truth. Please follow that link to iTunes and purchase a copy in support of them. Mahalo to MadGringo for sending us box of t-shirts and tops – Eric said of his, “This is the coolest shirt ever!”

Hawaiian word:
Huli: to turn, to curl over

More on the music in this episode:
Quickstar Productions Present: Chillout - East Coast Edition - Volume 1Barefoot Truth “The Ocean” (mp3) from “Quickstar Productions Present: Chillout – East Coast Edition – Volume 1”
(Quickstar Productions)
Buy at iTunes Music Store | Buy at eMusic | Buy at Amazon MP3

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  1. …what?, no motor, stability control or bilge pump?! Ha! Looks like you guys had a blast and made a very upbeat video I am enjoying on this gray morning here in San Diego. Mahalo

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Wipe out!! How refreshing and fun this one is to view. Are you sure the video cam was really there for us…or to document if Shane really paddles??! Mahalo for a great ride and your warm smile that matches the tropical sunny day.

  3. @Jonnie – wow, you make things sound complicated! If you watch the huli closely, you will see our steersman was not poking too much as he was sparing his paddle. 🙂 Figured we and the canoe could handle it!

    @Susan and my dog Lexie – Yes, this was mainly to provide proof of Shane paddling…but the gift was this great song I found! The video was going to be much shorter but I just didn’t want to cut the song off. I had so much working on this episode – all 4 hours of editing! (Not to mention the actual paddling of course.)

  4. Randy Church says

    Wow, that was awesome and so full of energy! Really enjoyed it. The music was perfect. Thanks for taking the extra time to extend the video for the full length of the music. You guys really know your stuff. Not to mention the paddling. Great job!

  5. Cool song! Wow, what a beautiful canoe. I can’t believe you went paddling with a kook steersman, though… (actually, it looked a little like seat one mighta helped push the boat over with a port side poke ;o)…) The sail rig is complete, just need to take the time to set it up. Carbon fiber steering blade is coming along, too.

  6. @Randy – thank you and I am so glad you enjoyed it!

    @Eric – I wouldn’t have ever looked back there had you not mentioned it. As for port poke up front, I want some training on that. I thought I was supposed to poke the opposite side up front??? Get Stace in on this please. And yes, it is a gorgeous canoe! Thank you so much for the ride.

  7. Great video Rox and Shane. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was watching it.

  8. Just giving you a hard time. I am the “huli KING”! A poke there would turn it back to the right, just like you were trying to do, but putting weight on the ama would have kept it down… and a steersman that wasn’t a kook would not have steered us into that situation in the first place, though. I was babying my paddle, sorry (and I still owe you some new sunglasses)… The wood one I made is “strong like bull”, but “heavy like cement truck”. Much better for steering in the surf, though. The one I am making right now is all carbon fiber. It will be super strong, but also light enough to handle. Hope to finish it this weekend!

  9. @Bradly – I am so smiling to hear that!

    @Eric – I knew you were giving me a hard time. 🙂 I can take it! You also know I am a lover of learning. Next time let’s bring more than one camera though – who knew you were even back there steering us eh?

  10. Pretty sure the canoe didn’t… I want to set up the sail and put a camera at the top of the mast looking down…

  11. Awesome video! Cheered my day. I am going to buy the song right now and check out the shirts, too. That song is fantastic, and so perfect for this video.

  12. Dan Brown says

    Thanks for another terrific vid !
    I’ll see y’all at the canoe tomorrow with a spare camera.
    You’ll have a separate camera dedicated to each paddler.
    The truth will be unavoidable! No one will be spared the blame.

  13. Marosites says

    Loved 742 — made me homesick for thefl surf, So much fun that it came through and was shared by all. Keep up the pods I love them.


  14. Aloha Dan!
    The blame was all mine. My giant carbon steering blade is almost finished, so no more excuses.

  15. Susan and my dog Lexie says


    I suspect if the Hawaiian dictionary had a visual showing what true friendship is all about, your picture would be there!!

    Now those of us on the sidelines are noting you and Rox taking stock over the wipeout…but that about the third ‘monkey in the middle’ that isn’t saying a word? lol Or maybe Shane is just staying *centered* in all this 🙂 Kidding aside, much love and mahalo to the three of you. Thanks for the joyous ride!!

  16. You scared me when you all tipped over. Hope everyone was okay.
    I can’t swim very well. No one was wearing a life jacket but you are natural in the water I suppose, like the dolphins and like Lexi. How is she?

  17. @Susan and my dog Lexie – “Monkey in the middle” HAHA I love that one!

    @Celeste – yes, we all swim and the canoe floats for plenty of time while upside down and no we never see anyone except kids wearing flotation devices. Fortunately huli hardly ever happens!

  18. Me: “What happens when you huli?”
    Kai: “You swim.”
    Me: “And who likes to swim?”
    Kai: “ME!”

    The canoe has floatation in the bow and stern. Can’t sink. Huli is just part of the fun when surfing! Losing sunglasses is not… Aloha!

  19. Checked up on you guys this morning and found this very cool vid and great song. I’m going to look for the song now!

    How is Lexi…. oh yeah, how is Shane too? Talked to your dad last weekend.

  20. Wow, you have a really cool site!
    Excellent life messages.
    Very inspiring.
    I got married in Maui this year.
    We plan to live there one day soon!
    Keep walking!

    Calgary, Canada

  21. hey you guys! that was so awesome, i loved that vid. summer has finally arrived, a little late, but better than never! can you believe we had to use the house heat in june? :o) all is great, aloha to everyone, kisses to lexi from brent and jackson!

  22. Woooo hoooo…what a ride!!! Mahalo for taking some time off from “work” and sharing your fun with us.

    PS: Is that black dot in the background starting just before the gun in my shorts quip (^_^) lens fluff, or….?

    PPS: How’s Lexi’s recovery coming along. We miss her, too!

  23. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    Had my thumb out in deep water, trying to catch a ride in that empty seat….

    Good thing I can swim.


  24. Oh man!!! I want to play too. No huli for me please.

  25. hope everything is well, we sure do miss the episodes. is beachwalks now monthly? or gone altogether? it used to be the highlight of our day! hope to see more soon, take care.

  26. @Cindy – things are going well – we just have many things on our plate right now. I miss doing beach walks too – and a week does not go by that Shane and I are not discussing how to find more energy for the show. I think I will start a discussion on The Reef…