Beach Walk 740R – Memorial Day in the Pacific

We originally filmed this episode for Memorial Day in 2006. But it clearly stands out as a timeless message, and represents the true magic of Beach Walks. It is all completely unscripted, no shot list, we just showed up and worked as fast as we could before the sun set. Sometimes, you know the universe is on your side. Today’s show was filmed at the Hawaii Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. 50,000 leis were donated, and over 100 young Boy Scouts placed a lei and a flag on each gravestone. I was quite stirred to be in the presence of death while smelling the sweet scent of plumeria lei. Though most of those buried here are from modern wars, this “punchbowl” of an ancient volcano was the site of Hawaiian aliʻi burials and human sacrifice of those who violated the kapu or taboos.

Hawaiian words:
Puowaina: hill of sacrifice
Kaua: war
Kapu: taboo
Maluhia: peace

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    This remains a very stirring piece – all those graves containing such young lives that willingly sacrificed for the cause of freedom. Many thanks to your dad for his WWII service, Rox. May his soul also rest in peace for all the things he endured during those dark years in our history.

  2. @Susan and my dog Lexie – Thank you for such a beautiful comment. I shared it with my Mom today and she was very appreciative of you and your kind, thoughtful words.

  3. Well, I have a confession, we were there in Punchbowl earlier this month. I think it is a beautiful place and compare it with our own Ft. Rosecrans out here in Pt. Loma (San Diego) in how it makes you feel. Shanon O’Brien with E Noa Tours was our guide and talked non-stop (I mean that in a good way) and mentioned Ellison Onizuka from the Challenger tragedy is at Punchbowl too.

    While in Alexandria last year we went out to Arlington Cemetery. Whoa – talk about a heavy heart. We watched/stood for the ceremony of the tomb of the unknown soldier as well – humbling to say the least.

    May Dad was in WWII too – only story I got, and about Normandy, was “yeah, the bullets were really flying”.

    Here’s a little positive energy to anyone in need on this special day.

    Mahalo for the vidcast.

    Happy Memorial Day

  4. Enjoyed this episode even though you say it’s a rerun. It was all new to me. And the message is still fresh. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the podcasts. I enjoy each and every one of them. You give me a smile every time I see there’s a new episode. And there is just something about the way you talk which makes me happy. Again thank you.

  5. Very moving, loved the little flags waving in the wind and the music. I would also describe myself as a “peacenik” but, strangely, married 2 military men (trying to change them?) Husband #2 was an army ranger and told me that no one wishes for peace more than a soldier. Amen to that!

  6. @Jonnie – Hey there – no feeling guilty OK? Glad you and Earle had some time in the ‘aina.

    @Candy – I loved your comment! It is people like you who inspire me to keep going. I am even more behind now, though the energy is stirring and I am planning my comeback!

    @Lisa – “No one wishes for peace more than a soldier” is so true yet not common knowledge! Thanks for helping me spread the word and hugs to both your hubbies.