Beach Walk 737 – Uber Shaman & His Pups

As I have said many times before, “you meet the coolest people on the beach in Hawaiʻi!” Today we met Chris SantaCroce, aka Uber Shaman. It was his birthday, and he was starting the day at the beach with his puppies. He is a renaissance man – doing a number of things with his talents, and in a beach walks kind of way, spreading cheer and consciousness and geekiness to those he meets! To him, I was “that lady who walks the beach?” Yes, whenever I can!

Hawaiian word:
Kahakai: beach

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Chance meetings – the best 🙂 Lots of positive aloha to start our day — thanks!

  2. SoCalGal says

    Serendipity! How nice to find new friends along the beach. Chris and his two little dog friends would be perfect podcast/videocasters.

    All best to Lexi – hope she feels better.

  3. I am coming to think there is less chance and more design. More than our small selves can possibly track, so why bother! Go with the flow, let life in. It’s all good.

  4. Always fun to see you meeting a new alohaperson on the beach. (a word i’ve just coined)

    Great to meet Uber Shaman! I checked out the website, and it’s got some interesting content. Weekly Mobile Interview #6 is totally surreal, and I really enjoyed it. I had no idea “Ego” and “id” were mistranslations. Gotta look that up later…

    That being said, it would be really cool if your logo’s text color on the main page was just one color. That would be easier to read. 🙂 And it would be great if the Short Films were organized like the Weekly Mobile interviews, i.e. one video per page. The current layout of putting all the videos on one page loads pretty slowly, even on my DSL connection here.

    Otherwise, really unique and creative content!
    Keep expanding.

  5. @byteful: a new “alohaperson” – cool! I like that. Some of my friends on the beach are camera shy – tho one of my favorite things here is this community of beach walkers. We don’t even know each others’ last names, but have shared intimate details on our crossing paths over the years. It’s not that common a thing – tho maybe New Yorkers do that? I don’t know where else walkers run into each other frequently and share intimacy without being traditional friends or colleagues.

  6. Dear Rox,
    How cool of you to share our beach interaction. I am stoked that people are going to, and enjoying ubershaman. My pups told me they had a great time as well. You guys are really helping humanity with your positive action and vibes.
    Love and Affection,