Beach Walk 736R – Rox Travel Tips

This is a rerun, requested by longtime viewer and part-time Hawaii resident Dan B. Wow, does anyone remember flying back when the flights were not oversold? This was filmed at 35,000′.

I made it through security with my one-way ticket hassle-free! Now for some on board insider travel tips! Watch this video to learn how to get a more comfortable seat and how to avoid being exposed to all those flu germs that are concentrated inside airplanes! Thanks again to my friend Matt who helped film this episode. Now with swine flu, this episode is relevant all over again.

Previously aired as Beach Walk 219 and Beach Walk 368R. (In case you want to see earlier comments.)

Foti Filter Masks

Hawaiian word:
Olu: comfort

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  1. Dan Brown says

    Thank you for running this again Rox. I have been getting by using regular dust particulate filters sold at the local hardware store. But seeing your link for the much better Foti Filter Masks, I immediately purchased them for the entire family. Considering the current Swine-flu problem, a couple bucks extra may be well spent.

  2. You really feel less fatigued after a flight when wearing a mask? Very interesting. I think we need to do a study so we can rule out the placebo effect and see if taking vitamin-C boosting foods before flight would also have an effect.

    Personally, unless someone is coughing violently next to me, I don’t see the need for a face mask. You know, 99% of the solution is keeping your hands from transmitting a virus to your face anyway.

    And knowing is half the battle.

  3. Thanks for the info on that mask. Previously, what I have been doing was wetting a bandanna, tying that around my face whenever I decided to sleep on hubby’s shoulder (so people wouldn’t think I was some kind of bandit). The moisture makes a tremendous difference. I’ll definitely buy a foti mask.