Beach Walk 735 – Spring Bikini Edition

I’ve been conducting a very lackadaisical campaign on Beach Walks over the past three years to change attitudes about bikinis aka the Bikini Liberation Front. We mostly approach them from the point of view of bikini watchers, not bikini wearers. It is so loaded with who should or should not wear one. Well here in Hawaii they are ubiquitous! No matter what kine body you have – it just feels good to have the warm water of the Pacific and the warm sunshine wash over you. Wayne Dyer once said something very apropos here: “What you think of me is none of my business.” So if you find yourself wanting to wear a bikini this summer, it just may be that all that needs to get in shape is your mind!

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Hawaiian word:
Manaʻo: mind
ʻAno: shape, type

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  1. Great advice Rox. 🙂 I can’t wait to go to Hawaii to practice!

  2. Hi Rox,
    Is there a new schedule for Beach Walks?

  3. that’s great advice Rox…I enjoy people watching on the beach and many times you think to yourself why is that person wearing that bikini when its obviously not becoming…but its usually followed up with a “good for them” for not caring about what others think…I was thinking I must look good in my Speedo because whenever I walk down the beach in it people are pointing and taking pictures and they seem so happy because they are laughing…anyway,good point….and it was weird without Lexi

  4. Bill A. says

    I hope Lexi gets better quick. I enjoy walking on the beach.

  5. @Quinn aka Dennis – no fixed sschedule tho we are trying to post at least once a week; @shane is teaching me the new workflow so I can help with editing

    @Bob from Canada – I missed you in your seppedo! durn…

    @Bill A – And yes if you think it looks weird, it feels even weirder!

  6. P.S. Hi Daynah! I missed you above the scroll! You are now an official member of the Bikini Liberation Front. 🙂

  7. So, so true. In my visits to Hawaii and travels to the Caribbean, I also have seen all ages and shapes wearing the bikini and it freed me to also wear one. The idea that another poster commented that “it’s not flattering on them” is amusing to me, because your body shape is still going to be visible in a full body suit anyway! So why not let the sun, water and wind on your skin?

    I think Europeans are way more open minded about this than Americans. I was on St. Lucia in the Caribbean and there were a ton of Germans, all in bikinis and Speedos. Grandmas and grandpas. They were so uninhibited and beautiful! They inspired me.

    And in Hawaii, I saw many locals of size (our friend there calls it “normal size”) and every single one was drop dead gorgeous.

    Hooray for the bikini! Hooray for freedom!


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