Beach Walk 734 – Updating the Database

Updating my database: servers do it automatically every few minutes in some cases- the Internet is so smart, it knows we are constantly changing!

One of the things I am changing is feeling under-appreciated. I had this awareness that I get my satisfaction and pleasure from what I am doing in the moment. Yet I too often have front-loaded and back-loaded things with expectations. They impact the energy and the experience itself. I am choosing to give up that habit as I am a pleasure seeking person! I have re-purposed the pity pot I used to have into a compost bin where my “I am done with that” thoughts go to be reconfigured. Now I ask myself, “Rox, are things being done to you or for you?” This changes the energy in a heart beat. (Because I understand now it’s all for me. And it’s all good.)

Hawaiian word:
Hōkeo ʻikepili: data bank, collection of information

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  1. Fabulous show today Darling. Very poignant. I’m rebooting my database as we speak. :-) x

  2. Interesting concept, as you walked giving out information, I just wanted to dive into the water. Excellent format, however I was not sure what the key message was supposed to be and with such a beautiful background I could agree with almost anything.

  3. Theresa, the key message was, now is a great time to examine your life for old and unexamined beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

    I’m finding that in this wonderful Spring season we’re now in, now is a great time to update my database :)

  4. when is the next video going to be posted? And how often do you usually post a video?

  5. @Quinn – working in the next video tonight! It will be up for Aloha Friday. We are trying to get back to at least once a week!


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