Beach Walk 733 – Numbers Have Energy

Our car is 6.5 yrs old but has only 40,000 miles (eh – living on an island!) I have way more miles in my frequent flier accounts than the odometer of the Ford Escape.

Statistics can prove anything. Old Thinking: That’s bad! New Thinking: Use math to my advantage, to help me feel better, so I become untethered to what is holding me back.

Not to lie or manipulate per se, but to use .5 as half full, OR half empty. Both are true. Which interpretation feels better for me for now?

I personally value emptiness as much as fullness – it all depends on the situation.

Hawaiian word:
Helu: number, counting

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    It appears your “number one” is spearheading today’s lovely chat on numbers. Very interesting and thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s great to see you on the beach again. :)

    Todays beachtalk reminded me of this Creative Observation article:

    What you talked about is like creative observation with numbers. Great minds think alike it seems. :)

  3. Hi Im new to beachtalks and think its lovely…I am stoked to have found it through Brave Heart Women.

    My boyfiend lives about an hour from me on a surf beach and I love being close to the ocean when I am with him waking and sleeping to the sound of the waves. I miss it when Im here in the city.

    Your talk on numbers went for 3.33 did you notice that? The creative threes coming together. Some metaphysical mathematics at work always in our lives if we choose to notice.

    Aloha from Autumn Down Under…Nisa

  4. @Susan and my dog Lexie – interesting observation; I have some ideas on that and mahalo for noticing!

    @Byteful Traveller – I read Steve now and then. {{blushing}} from the compliment. :-)

  5. @Nisa – thank you for mentioning how you found us and welcome to Beach Walks!

    Yes, I did notice the 333 when I posted this. And smiled at that little unexpected gift. I agree with you – there is energy working at all times. One of these days I hope to get myself down under, Aussie style!

  6. Statistically speaking, children are hereditary!
    Well, if your parents didn’t have any children, the chances are you won’t have any either!

    Aloha y’all. . . Earl J.