Beach Walk 732 – The Stress of New Things

I love reiterating some of our recurring human experiences with the goal of going easier on ourselves. This episode is a reminder of how stressful it can sometimes be to learn new things, as in the case of my nephew Tyler who is learning to drive. Remember that the brain and quite possibly also the physical circuitry is at work learning new patterns. To realize that some old patterns may be in the process of expanding or being dismantled. And to go slower rather than faster. To repeat as often as needed. To expect delays and lurches forward too!

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Hawaiian word:
Hou: new

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  1. As the world continues to accelerate, adaptability and flexibility become more and more a necessity. I remember advertisements that said “never stop learning”, but I haven’t seen those in years; and these days, that message has become an inseparable part of western culture, to it’s credit.

  2. So apropos. Over the past 12 weeks, I’ve been taking Spanish at our university’s continuing ed dept. It’s been overwhelming, even though I have learned French in the past. The reason it’s overwhelming, is the pace. Even the teacher says the curriculum is too much material in too short of a time…the teacher says we are covering a semester’s worth of material in only SIX weeks (two nights a week). And the end of each class, we all look dazed. I’m so looking forward to a break from it. None of my classmates plan on going immediately into the next class…our brains are mush from the pace.

  3. @Byteful Traveller and @Celeste – i love the juxtaposition of your comments: “never stop learning” and “the pace is overwhelming” I think we will work this out – in time – as there are so many of us loving being knowledge sponges tho the pacing is out of whack.

    I am becoming more aware of how much I rush so many things – and that left to a more natural pace, actually take less work and less effort. There is this built in assistance that does part of the work for me if I kick back and relax some,