Beach Walk 730 – Kaile Paddles to Flat Island

Kaile is a regular visitor on Beach Walks, and she always brings a smile. Her dad Eric has been teaching her all about Hawaiian water sports, and so far she loves them all! In this episode, she paddles a 20′ long one man outrigger canoe by herself, then hops on the back to head out to Flat Island and do some canoe surfing, with her awesome Dad, Eric. You can see more of his amazing videos at

We’ve got great music too, by, a girl band from Denmark, “Help I’m a Fish”. Visit their MySpace page. We found them on the Podsafe Music Network.

Hawaiian word:
Keiki: child

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  1. Bravo on finding that Podsafe song, Rox. How perfect was that?!?

    I think this is currently my favorite vid from the Fun Hogs.

  2. Cool edit Rox! I like the beginning music the best… If anyone wants to see the other video of Kai (Kaile goes to the Beach), its at:

    Have a good trip but hurry back!

    Aloha, Eric

  3. I am going to save this one off because it reminds me of my brother and his daughter. Thanks so much for sharing. I bought the song too and I think I might use it for my own movie of my daughter.

  4. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Kaile’s growing up — great footage and music!

  5. Dan Brown says

    Tops my list of favorite BW’s videos.
    Kaile, put this one in the heirloom folder.
    And by the way, you’ve already got a great paddling stroke!

  6. Always like the oc-1 paddling featured…(the new cameras that people are using to show their paddling activities are improving the “first person” experience for everyone) because I’m still looking forward to getting one to use here on mainland…someday…(story got “longer” this week on that. :-/ )

  7. Hey Rox:
    I listen to your podcasts just about every day streamed from Zencast, this one takes the Emmy, just fantastic, I love the opening music, hope to get out to the Big island some day, particularly Milloli or Kalapana, keep up the good work!

  8. How absolutely fantastic for Kaile, to grow up this way. I admit to being a little envious! Kudos to her parents, and in this video, to her dad. Not everyone has a dad like that.

  9. @Eric – I added a link to your site in the main post; my apology for not doing that earlier!

    @Michael – I hope you will remember to come back and share a link here when you make your video. :-)

    @Susan – Isn’t she amazing? A true Funhog!

    @Dan Brown – I am so glad you caught this episode – and be sure to go to Eric’s site. He is doing great stuff with the canoe and the GoPro cameras. Maybe we should have a contest and get Shane, Rush, and Rambo and you two on it?!

    @rushl – We’d be happy to loan you a camera so don’t let that stop you! And maybe you can win…

    @Jerry Ciotola – Thank you, and what is fun is this intro music is our main Beach Walks theme. It just really fits with so many of our episodes from Hawaii and always looks fresh! You can buy the album from this artist, Kaimoku, if you like.

    @Celeste – I share your sentiments, and can also add, even though it took me many decades to get to Hawaii, it’s not too late!

  10. A wonderful video!

  11. OMG…Kaili is sure growing up. Seems like just a short time ago she was a toddler barely above Lexi’s back, and here she is paddlin’ solo.

    Bravo to all!!!

  12. love love love..playing catch up