Beach Walk 724 – Pau Hana

This episode was filmed last Friday – what a perfect way to start a week! My friend Eric got some new Hero cameras and mounted them on his canoe. You get a great range of perspectives, and of course Eric’s daughter Kaile, makes an appearance near the end. This is true Hawaiian lifestyle at its best. If you look hard, you’ll see Rox in the background too. You can check out Eric’s Pueo canoe here.

The music in this episode is from our friend Kaimoku, “Honolulu Shuffle.” You can purchase the album here.

Hawaiian Word:
Pau Hana: work is all done

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  1. maybe its me…but that workout by Eric beats the hell out of shoveling snow…which b7y the way was 9 inches Saturday

  2. What fun! I love the straight-down shots when he’s carrying the canoe. 🙂

  3. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Eric: The fearless Viking…row…row…row in perfect sync!


    Bob from Canada: The abominable snow pusher…scrape…scrape…scrape into mounds that never seem to ‘sink’!

    Thanks for sharing with us this fun footage that gives the feel of riding the waves. Happy week to all 🙂

  4. Happy to see this new episode! Nice footage. Thanks!
    We are staying alive here at 55. That’s 55 degree air and 55 degree water temperature, paddling in wet-suits. Same ocean,same aloha.
    So lucky you live Hawaii!

  5. ahh i miss hawaii already. i did find it interesting watching people carry thier canoes. there was one woman that was huffin her canoe a distance, i swear had 0% fat on her body. then all the wheelies…of all the rentals. it was an interesting watch while eating island snow

  6. I am so happy you all loved this as much as I did! This was Eric’s first movie, so I am trying to get him “under contract” for Beach Walks. Your comments will help I hope!

    @Bob – See ya soon!

    @Susan – those perspective shifts were almost my fave too – the one of grinning Kaile took the cake though for me – the sappy Auntie.

    @Susan and my dog Lexi – “Viking?” Jeez! He is gonna love that!

    @Dan Brown – It has been in the 60’s here and I am falling apart. Remember, no heat to turn on and the windows don’t really close!

    @iSandra – I know exactly where you were. 🙂

  7. @Rox – Thanks for this “premier” showing…kudos to Eric for the effort…and (re: recent photos on the reef) glad that Uncle Bobby got canoe back for you this past week, too, so now expect more oc-1 action out in bay (maybe)!

  8. Great footage felt like i was right there with him. Thanks

  9. Katie Olson (Mom) says

    Wow! What fun! How I wish I was there to join in the fun. Love you!! Mom

  10. Rick Schellhammer says

    RE: Rox’s comment above about “falling apart” because it’s in the 60° range. You’ll get no sympathy from us here in Michigan…it was 3° below zero when the alarm went I went to let the dog out this morning. Folks in Hawaii should NEVER complain about the weather!

  11. That was such fun! I was nearly there, just needed the water, sand and sun on my body to complete the experience.
    We’ve had a real cold snap in England. The heating doesn’t keep up if it is below zero Centigrade outside as it rarely gets that cold here, but it was -7 degrees C one night!

  12. Meyers Ohana says

    Thanks for the flood of memories……we miss Hawaii and the beautiful warm waters! Kids and I spent the afternoon in Coronado on the beach…had fun in the sun & sand but no swimming in the cold waters.
    Much Aloha, Ana, Chris, Caroline & Matthew

  13. Maybe I have learned my lesson never to complain about the weather in Hawaii. Thank you all for sharing and I am so glad we (mostly Eric!) could bring you a few moments of fun in the sun.

    @Rush – we’ll keep posting these as motivation to get you to book a ticket…one-man season has just started!

    @Mindy – I’ve been thinking about you as I am ready to get back on the water in my canoe.

    @Katie Olson – time for a visit? I am about to get Eric to become a filmmaker – he also posted this on and appears to be loving the comments!

    @Meyers Ohana – I know you all will be back – thanks for the pics you sent; amazing how much the kids have grown in a few months!

    @Rick Schellhammer – You have one lucky dog! Does s/he wear boots? It seems so cold on the toes.

    @Patricia – you know, I find it cold in England even when the heating is keeping up. ;-p Thank heaven for the duvet!

  14. This was a great video. Now this looks like fun. I wonder how far from the beach he goes? Can you take it out to where you do not see land? What fun that would be. On another note though, it was very disconcerting to see the child without a lifejacket. Kids need adults to make these saftey decisions for them. God forbid a sneaker wave hit them and topple them over. That would be a $500 fine here in Oregon.

  15. Celeste from Tennessee says

    Was the speed increased on the camera or was Eric really rowing that fast? He must have some serious rowing muscles going on. It was like watching Charlie Chaplin except C.C. never rowed in the Hawaiian waters, I don’t think. I enjoyed watching how the water changed color from green to grey to green to grey again. He sure must have been making some good time there.

  16. @Tim – when Eric goes out alone, he may go a few miles off shore. The few times Kai goes paddling with him, she does wear a PFD – today we were celebrating my newly repaired canoe and he paddled by shore to visit. The bay is very shallow and mild there – the reef beyond breaks the waves. Thank you for your concern. And many here in Hawaii tend to be a little more relaxed about those kine things too, I will admit.

    @Celeste There may be something about the frames per second that conveys a hurry feeling (I noticed it too) but no, that wasn’t sped up film, and yes Eric is a great paddler!