Beach Walk 722R – First Lumiere, For Rupert

The lumiere film-making tradition means no sound, no editing, no camera movement – and in this case, one minute duration. Enjoy the serendipity! You can read the original show notes and comments here for more in-depth discussion.

Hawaiian Word:
Hāmau:; silent

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  1. Beautiful!!!

  2. now that was weird….no waves lapping…no Lexi panting…no Shane yakking…but it was peaceful

  3. Celeste from Tennessee says

    Not sure how I felt about that. Kind of like going back in time. Rather distant. Shane & Lexi are good silent picture actors though.

  4. Good thing you explained it before I watched it! Kudos to you for trying something new and flying with those spread wings !!

  5. Welcome back Roxanne, Shane, and Lexi…we’ve missed you!

    Today’s episode reminds me of the first part of the ditty that was so popular in the early 60’s: Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

    Beautifully done…

  6. Awesome. I started hearing the waves and all!

  7. Rox, What happened to your iTunes podcast feed?

    • iTunes has choked! The feed still works thru Feedburner and we are working with iTunes to get it fixed. I am SO SAD and SO Sorry about this.