Beach Walk 721R – Green Exercise

This episode is on the added mental health benefits of exercising outdoors, in the beauty of nature. I can attest to its success! And so can Dave Murr, who wrote about Nature, the Best Natural Antidepressant.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻo Ikaika Kino; exercise (to make a strong body)

Note from Roxanne: Regular viewers know I have been offline most of December, helping my Mom and Dad who are facing my Dad’s likely final stages with cancer. I am getting some energy and time opening up, but the weather here has been rainy so we are going to share some earlier episodes with you until I get back on my feet. Thanks for your patience and remember, we do this completely free for nearly three years. Much as I love you, our viewers, and Beach Walks, we’ve just run out of extra time for a little while.

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  1. Have a great Christmas and I hope you feel better.

  2. hugs rox…hugs

  3. forgot to add, this is the whole reason why i can not wait to move to hawaii! this is SO TRUE.

  4. Rox,
    I was wondering why you weren’t posting.
    I hope you are using EFT to help your dad with the pain and also for all the family to cope with the emotions of this transitional time.

    Watching Beachwalks always gives me a lift. I is like having a little window on a beautiful place. I feel refreshed after watching an episode. So I think it would be a great thing to provide episodes in a workplace.

  5. Thanks for the update! It has been gloomy for me without new current episodes but I do understand, Rox, and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I’m so thankful for your free beachwalks TV but I would donate if you could take donations in other ways than Paypal. I had a bad experience with paypal and don’t have an account with them anymore. Believe me Beachwalks is worth it to me to be a monthly contributor and probably others feel the same if it were easier to donate. Correct me if I’m wrong. Merry Christmas to all!

  6. My prayers are with you and your family, Rox.

    Although it may seem as dark as midnight, remember the darkest light is before the dawn. The dawn shines all the brighter.

    Thank you for shining these past 3 years. Thank you for sharing that interview of your father.

    Remember, everyone dies. The honor is that we get to decide what to do with the time we have.
    Our hearts go out to you.

  7. Aloha… and a Hug

  8. …my heart goes out to you and your family with your Dad’s battle. I so enjoy seeing your parents on episodes of Beachwalks – your Dad’s positive attitude is something all of us can sustain (which is neat too because it sorta keeps his mindset going).

    Another positive part of you sharing yourselves with us is that I realized there’s a little bit of paradise in my own backyard. I have found all sorts of place to go walking here in my home town, and it’s so true about being out in nature how good you feel. Somewhere around 20 to 30 minutes into the walk I get a rush; colors seems a little brighter, simple things (a view or maybe a flower or plant) appear like it’s the first time I’ve seen them. I’ve exaggerating a bit to emphasize the contrast and how my sense of well being climes. The Beachwalks vids are wonderful, however getting out in the fresh air is even better.

    Along those lines I think diet is really important too. I spent about 6 hours in the ER with Mom Tuesday night because of a raging UTI. While there the guy in the next bed had fluid on his heart and the doctor was commenting how many people he had seen in the ER with heart-related problems. He said (and I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but over hear everything) that with all the rich food from Thanksgiving and Christmas, it pushes people who already have problems, over the top (my paraphrase).

    So with this being the first day of new year, I’m more motivated than ever to walk a little more, eat a little better and especially appreciate everyone and everything more too.

    Here’s hoping (and I’m sneaking in some positive energy too) that you are able to draw on all your wonderful energies in the new year to face what ever life brings you in that wonderful Beachwalks With Rox style!

    Happy 2009!, and thanks again for the reposting of a great vid.

    Oceans of Aloha.

  9. Ohhh
    i found it on Itunes by accident. This is just incredible. I wish there were more episodes on Itunes or Amazon.
    Thank you



  10. @Keahi – thank you so much for your visit and comment

    @iSandra – you are the best girlfriend! thanks so much for the card you managed to send and sign via Kelley!

    @Patricia Hope – yes, EFT has been a good friend – and have you heard about Z Point? A variation that I am exploring.

    @Celeste – thank you for your comment. Right now you could send a check; that is the only way other than PayPal. Our mailing address is P O Box 596, Kailua, HI 96734 in case you can set up some sort of bill pay. You are so thoughtful!

    @Byteful Traveler – your words are indeed true. Part of what has happened to me is discovering that I have been so outer-directed – sharing a good chunk of my energy almost daily fort over 2.5 years! It has been had work, but joyfully performed. Then, with the family stuff, I found myself feeling very private. Not to mention, my mom gives me a licking if I talk too much about the family. 🙂

    @Shawnotay – hug received with smiles and gratitude.

    @Jonnie – amazing what green lurks in the oddest places eh? Sorry to hear about your mum – I have been thinking about her too.

    Shane and I are working on some new ideas – one other thing I haven’t mentioned is how broken our dear old site is – so many old plugins that no longer work, lost code, lost content – my goal is to get things cleaned up and add some stronger foundations, so hang in there for a few more “previously on Beach Walks” episodes.

    Love and hugs – I am so grateful to each of you. Rox

  11. I discovered Beach Walks only a few months ago (in 2010), not much new has been posted since I found you. Lucky for me, there are plenty of “old” episodes…I’m watching in order of categories. I watch 1 immediately after work every night at 11:30 – it’s like a little gift received at the end of the day and a nice send off to sleepy-bye. Thanks Rox!

  12. @Lisa – Thanks for finding us! Your method os one of several used by new visitors. 🙂

    I am so grateful that our show can you some moments of peace.