Beach Walk 719 – Internet Improves Communication

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“Internet Improves Communication” – or at least it does for some of the people some of the time. It can also intrude on other people’s conversations, it can be full of falsehoods. Nonetheless in this episode I am talking about the upside of the internet’s tools to connect us and add to our sense of community and ability to know more about each other. The “Pew Internet Family and Life Project”: keeps finding that overall, in the aggregate, more people feel they have better communication with family members than before the internet. I know this to be very true in my family.

Hawaiian Word:
Launa ʻōlelo; _dialog, communication_

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  1. Celeste from Tennessee says

    The internet has definitely made a huge impact on being able to communicate with my family and relatives on a regular basis. They literally all live hundreds or thousands of miles away including all of my children so I don’t see family very often and I would feel quite lonely without being able to communicate with them and see them through the internet. I’m very thankful about this.

  2. Hi Rox,
    Been a long time since I’ve commented, hasn’t it? This subject is one of my little peeves. I think the wider world is finally discovering what we’ve known all along; namely that they’re not called “social” technologies for nothing. I’ve met so many wonderful people (like you, for instance) in the flesh because we made a connection online first and discovered things in common.

    Rather than making people isolated, which has been the conventional or superficial understanding, it really does bring more people closer together. And as more people begin to use these technologies, I find more people who are local to me whom I can get together with on a frequent basis. A year ago, I don’t think I knew anyone in Connecticut that was on Twitter, but now we have a great little group that gets together frequently for sushi or drinks in different places.

    What I love about meeting people online first is that you can get to know them at your own pace. You aren’t forced into a face-to-face “small talk” situation that’s awkward or difficult to disengage. Online, you can just listen to someone first (i.e., “lurk”) and see if you find them interesting. If so, you can begin to make small interactions. Many will never get beyond that stage, but sometimes, you’ll really make a connection with someone and it can turn into a lasting friendship. I love meeting up with people in person that I’ve met online first because you already know each other. And if video was involved, you feel like you almost know them in an “in-person” way already.

    I’m happy to see this particular conventional wisdom shattered and not have to listen anymore to the scoffers who make light of what we know to be a powerful new tool for relationships.


  3. @Celeste – You have really nailed it – for people who choose to participate in online communication, the richness is deep. And I believe the more we claim it for ourselves, the more we squeeze out the spammers!

    @Joe Cascio – nice to see you back and thank you for helping to illuminate in fine detail the energy flow behind the obvious. Beautiful job.


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